More on the David Lynch Trump Endorsement

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2018

Yesterday, I wrote a fantastic piece about weird director David Lynch endorsing Donald Trump.

Truly an incredible piece of insight, that article.

Trump even retweeted it.

Jk, he retweeted the Breitbart article that I cited, but he did it just after I published, meaning he obviously found it here.

NOTE: I can brag about how Trump and his team read the site now - one of the benefits of being blacklisted by the kike media. Btw, I'm gonna write more on the blacklisting and the think tank papers explaining why Daily Stormer is blacklisted (short explanation is that the media is run by such incompetent people that they are incapable of dealing with my mindfuckery), and the positives and negatives of it. But yeah, one positive is that I don't have to hide the fact that Trump reads the site.

Anyway: I’ve more to add on Lynch.

I noted in the piece that it is, in my opinion, extremely pretentious self-aggrandizement to self-identify as a David Lynch fan. You realize though, that people who do this are bugmen. The worst sort. The same kind that ironically listen to Kanye West.

So how must it feel to have a bugman icon like Lynch endorse the evil bad Hitler man?

No idea what that feels like, to be honest.

When people I like do something I do not like, it is very easy for me to say “ah well, he had to do that.”

Even if I’m wrong, and Mel Gibson really and truly is sorry for talking about bitches getting raped by packs of niggers and how Jews started every fucking war in history, I at least have the place in my mind to put it as “he had to say it, too much social pressure, can’t keep his career without saying it.”

But with a bugman icon like Lynch endorsing Trump, it’s the exact opposite.

He is actually risking a huge backlash by endorsing Trump, and he has nothing at all to gain from it.

I can see that really blowing a bugman’s mind.

Will We See Ironic Trump Support Soon?

Trump support and neon-nazism generally is basically ironic.

For most of us – myself included, to be true – it’s “lol I have to believe this because I for some bizarre reason don’t have any choice so I might as well roll with it.”

That is to say, the world has created such absurd conditions, that my belief system is determined by the conditions the world created. I get that most of us eventually evolve beyond the reactionary position into a revolutionary one. But it isn’t really requisite. One can maintain a full and coherent worldview as a reactionary. And it could also be argued that the revolutionary position is in itself reactionary as it is birthed from reactionary instinct.

Anyway, point being: Trump-supporting neon-nazis are ultimately an ironic phenomenon, because none of us expected to become what we are, and we are consciously aware of the absurdity of this.

In short: there is no real difference between an ironic belief and an actual belief. Masking a belief in irony is simply a way for a person to rationalize and ultimately legitimize a belief needed for survival or other personal reasons to themselves and those around them.

This phenomenon is much different than say, antifa, who adopt a pre-packaged belief system that is fed to them by moral authorities, and rigidly follow it because it must be good or the moral authorities wouldn’t have fed it to them. This is why they do not have humor, and we do. They are utterly lacking in self-awareness, because they did not go through any type of intellectual or emotionally complex process to reach the belief. They were told “this is what good people do” and they said “that is what I’ll do then.”

But can hipsters do something similar? Can they become ironic literal neon-nazis? 

The lines are being drawn between the races, and they are being drawn quickly.

This is a rapid development.

Before the Obama years, there was racial tension – there is always racial tension – but there was also a sort of truce between blacks and whites in America. We understood that our neighborhoods – and our social orders – had borders. These borders were sometimes violated, but they nonetheless existed and were understood by all parties to exist.

What Obama did was incite the blacks into a violent race war against white people. He did this on purpose.

At the same time he was inciting the blacks, he was flooding the country with people from everywhere at a rapid, uncontrolled pace. And these newcomers were also incited against white people.

And when whites struck back by electing Donald Trump, it all polarized further.

Ultimately, there is no place for whites on the side of the browns.

It is already happening that “white allies” who go to rallies to support Black Lives Matter get attacked, beaten and robbed, because they are white.

Polarization is real.

It is going to become nonviable for whites to be on the side of nonwhites, and that is just something that these liberals are going to have to figure out a way to deal with.

And I think the “I’m ironically on Team Trump” route is going to be a big in for these people. Because if you’re young, and you go pro-Trump, you pretty much no matter what end up as a far right racial nationalist. That is just the fact. The College Republicans and other youth-oriented GOP groups ensured that when they tried to hold a Paul Ryan cuck “Reagan Battalion” position even after Trump was elected. And the existence of the internet itself ensured that.

This is why this right-wing game needs to remain hip and cool and sexy. It needs to be something that people feel comfortable easing into. We have always maintained that on the internet.

This is yet another reason I am opposed to these protest marches. They are not cool or sexy, they are fucking cringe.

Optics are real. You can say that term is used-up, but whatever term you choose, looking uncool and unsexy and like a bunch of weird peasants playing dress-up is extremely negative, and it does affect the overall image of the far right. And it serves no purpose whatsoever.


I do not dislike poor white people. I have lived near them, and found that they had a lot of unmanageable domestic issues and substance abuse problems, but I do not dislike them, necessarily. However, they are a fraction of the white American population. Literally, like 8%. Other 90+% are some form of middle class. And yet, this small percentage of poor whites have been vastly overrepresented at post-Charlottesville rallies, because after Charlottesville, everyone with something to lose was like “wait, wtf is the point of this shit?”

We need to do hearts and minds.

And you are not doing hearts and minds by sending a bunch of obese poor people with tattoos out in black uniforms to fight in the street. You are in fact doing the exact opposite of that.

These post-Charlottesville rallies are masturbation. They are self-aggrandizing for a few individuals who get off on negative public attention.

Certainly, there will some day be marches, there will be rallies, but it will only be a good thing when it is normal people doing it.

Do not be of the mindset that winning is measured by street marches. I know that there is some kind of instinctive drive to view that as a measure of winning, but that simply is not the reality we are living in. We are living in cyberspace, where people’s communication and ideas are not on the streets, but in these tubes. And we continue to rule that space.

We are expanding, even as we are shut down, because every mind we change never changes back. Once you see race, once you see the Jews, you can’t ever go back to not seeing them. The Matrix metaphor is real. You would literally have to erase your mind.

Right now, following the meltdown of Sargon and the skeptics, the ideas of the Alt-Right are now just taken for granted by the entirety of internet culture. It is everywhere you look. That is the measure you need to be looking at when you try to gauge our success.

And we are winning.

All of the mainstream news sites have shut down their comments sections because we dominated them, and the sites that still have them – sites like Fox News and Breitbart – are filled with comments about race and Jews.

Trump is winning too, and though our agenda is not exactly the same as his, we are tied together somewhat intimately – his success is good for us and our success is good for him.

Everything is going very, very well.

We got sidetracked with some weird shit last year, but it isn’t 2017 anymore.

And to be clear – all of that stuff had to happen. It was bound to happen. It was part of the process. But we simply need to make a point to learn from it.

It’s sad that Richard Spencer appears to be in a dark place, but his personal situation is not indicitive of the larger situation of the right. The two biggest far-right websites, Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff, are growing every month. Despite being the most censored publication in all of human history (as a result of Charlottesville, by the way), the Daily Stormer has more readers than ever before.

4chan is actually pretty good these days. YouTube and Twitter appear to be backing down from censorship, as government regulation looms. Top government officials are speaking out against censorship of the right on the internet.

Everything is looking very, very good. By every single measure.

It is all going according to plan.

Just relax.