More Information About How Good of a Boy Doo-Auntay was Emerges as Chief Crybaby Resigns

What is that baby? It looks like him. Does that mean the mother was another mulatto? Check Meghan Markle’s kid (looks 100% white) and check Obama’s kids (look 100% black). The only way a mulatto can produce a mulatto is with another mulatto. I guess it makes sense his girlfriend was a mulatto. She hasn’t been in the media that I’ve seen.

It turns out, our Doo-Auntay was just as good of a good boy as you can imagine.

New York Post:

Daunte Wright had an open warrant related to an armed-robbery case against him when he was shot dead Sunday by a cop who claimed she thought she was firing her Taser, court records show.

Wright, 20, and another man had been charged with first-degree attempted aggravated robbery in December 2019 for allegedly trying to steal $820 from a woman at gunpoint, according to Hennepin County District Court documents.

The pair had crashed at the victim’s home in the city of Osseo after attending a party there –then demanded money the next morning while flashing a gun, authorities said in court papers.

“Give me the f–king money — I’m not playing around,” Wright told the woman, according to prosecutors.

The victim refused and began screaming for both men to leave, records show.

“Give me the money, and we will leave,” Wright allegedly told her. “Give me the money, and we will go.”

The two men eventually left the home without any dough, according to documents.

Niggas can’t even rob a bitch?

Nigga pistol whip her. You ain’t gotta shoot her. Get dat money, niggas.

What kinda nigga runs away from his own armed robbery after losing the confrontation?

Definitely not a real nigga.

But frankly, nigger – sorry, I mean my nigga – you shouldn’t really be robbing people you know with a gun in the first place, because they will just call the police and be like “yo, my boy Doo-Auntay just tried to rob me with the gun.”

Wright was later arrested in the case and released on $100,000 bail. But he violated his bail conditions in July when he failed to stay in touch with his court monitor, the papers said.

According to the Daily Mail, he also was in possession of a gun at some point after his arrest for the robbery, which was also in violation of the condition of his bail release.

The case was still pending when police in Brooklyn Center pulled Wright over Sunday for having an expired registration on his car.

Police said the officers then determined Wright had an outstanding warrant related to his bail violations and sought to arrest him — but he broke away and got back in the car.

That’s of course when Cunt Patrol tasered him with hot lead.

Turns out that bitch Kim Potter is a realer nigga than Doo-Auntay. Doo-Auntay pulls the gun and ain’t even get no money. That Ruff Ryder Kim will kill a nigga dead if that nigga crosses her.

By the way, Potter resigned, as did so-called Chief Crybaby Faggot.

He didn’t resign over the case, however. He resigned saying he wanted to spend more time at home, crying like a little bitchmade faggot.

No, I’m joking – he resigned over the case.

Though I don’t really understand what he was supposed to have done. He wasn’t involved in the shooting, and the only thing he did was go up and show the bodycam footage – which made it clear that Potter was in the wrong – and then say he was sorry and start crying.

The best thing is that the entire media is now pretending like this somehow wasn’t an accident, and this bitch Potter purposefully came up with the idea of “I wanna kill this black guy – I’ll pretend to pull my taser by accident and then kill him.”

The question I have is: what are the statistical chances that another shooting would happen in the same city exactly a year later? I’m not even saying “crisis actors” or “staged hoax.” But it’s a really incredible coincidence.

And this isn’t like George Floyd – with George Floyd they took forever to release the bodycam, because you saw it and were like “okay come on, this is ridiculous – what was the cop supposed to do?”

You watch this video and you’re like “why on earth did that bitch interrupt that cop while he was cuffing him, and then why on earth, after creating that diversion, did she shoot him at all?”

Even if she would have pulled the taser – what was the point of that? You had that big full-blooded buck who easily could have overpowered that scrawny mulatto and pulled him back out of the car.

Watch the video – that arresting cop is a big strong black guy, who is easily twice the weight of Doo-Auntay. He could have pulled him back out of the car with one arm. But that bitch is screaming, and he’s worried about her. So he backs off, and she shoots that nigga right in the heart, or just near it.

Frankly, unlike Derek Chauvin, this bitch does deserve to be punished. With manslaughter, negligent homicide, whatever.

I mean, you can say “once you resist arrest, all bets are off,” and that’s fine. Okay. But those aren’t the current rules, and all these cops know those aren’t the current rules, and there was zero problem before that bitch walked up and started interrupting the situation.

Frankly, I would be fine with “first degree felony interrupting a man while he’s doing something important.”

However, all of these people going out there and saying this was a purposeful killing?

That is actually totally insane.