More Evidence of Austrian Vote Riggery

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2016

Norbert HOFER, FPÖ, Interview in seinem Büro/ Parlament

Inexplicably, Austrian Nazi leader Norbert Hofer has declined to call for a recount and/or investigation after he lost by 0.35% to a communist.

We all went to bed on Sunday with the results at 51.9% for Hofer, 48.1% for the commie. All that remained were the postal ballots (the votes of those not living in Austria, who mailed their votes in). We wake up to find that upon counting the 750,000 postal ballots (12% of the total vote), Hofer has lost.

50.35% to 49.65%.

Regardless of Hofer’s decision not to fight the results – which I have to say, is an open betrayal of the people and the nation – the fact remains that he almost certainly won, and the vote was manipulated.

The Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung reported on multiple computer errors – all working in the favor of the commie candidate. None of it has been investigated. The paper also noted that postal ballots are notoriously easy to manipulate and prone to error, something which is true all over the world.

What’s more – and this pretty well seals it – of the invalidated votes (invalidated due to discrepancies of whatever sort), 100,000 of them were for Hofer, while only 64,000 of them were for the Greens.

There is absolutely no logical reason why 35,000 more votes would be invalidated for one candidate over the other. Logically, technical errors of whatever sort would be distributed exactly evenly.

I’m nigh certain this was fraud.

Hofer needs to stand up and call for a recount, an investigation and probably a redo of the election.

And he needs to do it quickly.