More Anti-Nazi Propaganda: Moslem Man Horrified as Car Graffitied with Swastikas and Racial Slurs

Daily Stormer
January 7, 2017

Goy, focus on the sad Moslem man.

Looks like we’ve got yet another hate crime hoax. These people never stop.

And all the shitlibs laugh after reading such an story because they just love the idea of a white supremacist not knowing how to properly draw the symbol of their Führer.


An advocacy group in Michigan is asking federal authorities to investigate an act of racist vandalism against a Muslim man as a hate crime.

Just days after moving into a new apartment in the Detroit suburb of Inkster, the man—identified by CBS affiliate WWJ only as a Muslim of South Asian descent—returned home on Wednesday to find that his car’s tires had been slashed, and a series of swastikas had been painted across its windows. The words “chink nigger” were also written on the car’s door.

In response, the Michigan chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations has called on both state and federal law enforcement agencies to examine the incident as a hate crime.

No American should feel threatened to move into a new location because of his or her faith or ethnicity,” CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid said in a press release.

What a lovely Christ-Killer provided story about bullying.

Want to know why I think – or know – why this is just another staged hate crime?

Because only a mud or subhuman would believe that white people aren’t capable of drawing the swastika the right way or able to spell chink.

The one on the right has Jigaboo written all over it

Those appalling swastikas are not the work of a white man.

Have you noticed that every time there’s a ‘hate crime’ the symbols are always drawn autistically or pointed the wrong way?

Remember the one drawn on Trump’s star?

Funny how they automatically linked the Buddhist Swasitka to Nazis. Yiddish media should know better, right?

I don’t mind seeing the swastika everywhere as it is a beautiful symbol.

But if you’re going to draw to give Nazis a ‘bad name’ then respect it and draw it properly.