More and More Colleges Treating Their Students Like the Idiots That They Are

Daily Stormer
October 2, 2017

Have we reached full Idiocracy yet? I’ve watched that movie a lot of times because I figured it might come in handy one day, but it feels like we still aren’t there yet… Or maybe I’m just too stupid myself to realize it?

The College Fix:

 Entering onto a campus full of strangers, concerns about making friends and the desire to feel accepted among peers can often be stressful factors. Recognizing this, universities across America have implemented a unique solution: ball pits.

This fall, campus leaders are welcoming students back to school with these colorful play pools. The pits are used as ice breakers, to break down racial barriers, facilitate lessons on wellness, and as part of freshmen orientation, according to many online campus calendars.

I imagine the first time this happened, it was because some university employee had a brother/uncle/cousin who sold these things, and then figured since everybody around is even dumber than he is, that he might make some cash off of it. So he probably gave the rest of the staff some irrefutable selling point (“It’ll combat racism,” “It’ll annoy Trump,” “I lost 69 relatives at Auschwitz,” etc.) and BOOM! PROFIT!

But this is happening at a lot of universities, not just one. So what’s the explanation? Does everybody in America have a relative that sells this crap?

Containers, such as inflatable swimming pools, are filled with small plastic balls labeled with different topics and questions. Students are then encouraged to enter into the tubs together to discuss.

Students learn more about each other by delving into deeper levels of conversation in the pits, facilitators told The College Fix in interviews. From icebreakers to controversial subjects, coordinators said they strive to create a safe space where students can hold and respect conflicting points of view.

I vaguely recall doing something similar to this in kindergarten. But I don’t think it cost 50K$ a year to do it.

Students who are triggered by the heteronormative implications of balls can do the Panda Neko dance instead

“The ball pits were perfect for allowing students to feel comfortable,” said Kate Ayotte, a wellness programs administrator at Central Connecticut State University in an email.

The school recently hosted a “Strangers in a Ball Pit” event (pictured) as part of its Welcome Week. At Central, it helped students learn more about maintaining their sanity throughout college life.

“That was the greatest benefit for helping them have conversations with other students they didn’t know and talk about mental health. They were so relaxed and just hanging out in the pools,” Ayotte said.

“A wellness programs administrator” – So not only do they have a useless made up job over there, but if my understanding of the English language is correct – they have more than one person doing it!

Likewise, Saint Mary’s College is scheduled to use a ball pit during its upcoming Mental Health Awareness Carnival.

What? Carnival? What?

“Students pick up a ball with a prompt and talk to their partner in the ball pit about their response. The balls start conversations between students and help them get to know one another on a slightly deeper level,” said Dr. Cynthia Cutshall, staff psychologist and outreach coordinator at Saint Mary’s College’s Counseling and Psychological Services, in an email.

“Students enjoy the activity, and it helps them talk to one another in real life, instead of over social media,” she said.

Can’t you just tell them to talk to each other without turning the whole place into a nuthouse?

Brady Ruffin with the Student Activities Association at the University of Mississippi said these events generate friendships and memories, noting the selfies and conversations seem memorable. At Ole Miss, its “Ball-Pit with Strangers” event late last month aimed to help foster inclusion, according to the university’s website.

“We write some questions on the bigger balls that we have that facilitate conversations,” said Ruffin, citing examples such as “What’s your favorite spot on campus?” or “What’s the best place to eat on campus?”

“Questions like these that spark conversation, especially on the topic of campus and Ole Miss,” Ruffin said. “It’s incredibly fun and people love it when it comes out.”

“People” seem to be getting dumber each passing day…

Facilitators told The Fix that the downside to the ball pits include that they’re not always easy to set up and don’t always attract many students. Another issue cited by Ayotte is that of making sure the conversations are healthy.

“One of the down sides as an administrator was not being able to have a way to monitor or observe the conversations too closely,” she said.

OMG, they can’t check to make sure the idiots they don’t discuss anything politically incorrect while lounging in plastic balls! I think I might have to change my opinion on this. All of a sudden, the college ball pits sound like ripe breeding grounds for fascism!

In addition to the pits at St. Mary’s, Ole Miss and Central Connecticut State, schools such as Northwestern State University, the University of Delaware and other campuses have hosted pits in recent weeks.

The ball pit trend on college seemed to gain ground during the last school year, when such events were billed as an effort to provide emotional safety. This year, campus officials have endeavored to present them as icebreakers and opportunities to make friends.

The takeaway from this is that, if you’re going to college anywhere in the Anglo world, you’re probably a fucking retard. And even if you aren’t retarded, you’re still wasting money that could be spent in a better way, ideally by buying guns, ammo and canned food for the coming collapse of society, when idiot zombies like these will come out of the ball pits and start eating the brains of people who still have them because they were smart enough to not go to college.

The type of shit you’ll be spending a small fortune to (((learn)))