More Absurd Fraud: Californians are Planning to Move to Georgia to Vote in Runoff Senate Election

“Jewish Georgia?” Jewish Georgian Democrat Jon Ossoff is counting on fraud to help him seize control in the Peach State.

Californians are in a frenzy to ensure that Democrats win the two runoff Senate elections in Georgia. Many from the Golden State are volunteering to campaign for Georgia, and some are even moving to the Peach State in order to attempt to tip the elections in Democrats’ favor.

Rightly, many are calling this plan to flood the state with new residents a form of fraud, though there appears to be no law capable of stopping it.

Why it matters: The Georgia elections will decide whether Democrats or Republicans have control of the Senate. This will have a significant effect on how much of Joe Biden’s extremist agenda he is able to ram through during his first two years in office.

  • Both of Georgia’s Senate elections went to a January 5 runoff after no candidate won a majority in the election earlier this month.
  • Currently, there are 50 Republican Senators and 48 Democrats. In a 50-50 Senate, the Vice President breaks ties, so if Democrats win these two races, they will have control of the Senate.
  • According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Democrats in California have been asking political activists how they can travel to Georgia to volunteer for Jewish Senate candidate Jon Ossoff and black Raphael Warnock.
  • According to campaign finance data, more than 83% of funds for the Russian Jew Ossoff’s campaign came from outside of Georgia, as was the case with nearly 80% of black Warnock’s money.
  • Flip the West, a Jewish California political organization devoted to taking back the US Senate from Republicans run by the Jew Ronnie Cohen, claims that the number of volunteers wanting to get involved in the external manipulation of the Georgia race “is unprecedented for us.”

Among those going to the state to help with this Jewish sabotage operation is the Chinese spy and failed presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Go deeper: Many Californians, and Democrats from across the country, are planning to move to the state for the purpose of voting in the election.

  • The legality of this is questionable, but there is apparently no way to enforce any rules.
  • State officials have pushed back on the idea, with Georgia’s voting system manager Gabriel Sterling cautioning that it would violate state law.
  • “In order to be able to register to vote in Georgia, you have to be a Georgia resident,” Gabriel said. “That means you have to believe you are staying in Georgia.”
  • People who try to vote in the election while visiting may face felony charges, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $100,000 fine.
  • However, there is no way to prove that a person doesn’t plan on staying in the state, nor are there really any checks at all on any election in America.

Down and dirty: After the theft of the presidential election, Republicans are unlikely to put much value in elections going forward, which will likely lead to Democrats legitimately winning many elections.

  • After this unprecedented theft, it is also certain that the Democrats will engage in more fraud than simply bringing in outside voters.

If nothing is done about the presidential election fraud, it is extremely unlikely that these two democrats will not be declared the winners of the runoff election.