moot Quits 4chan: What Does It Mean?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2015

Cuck me once - shame.
Cuck me once – shame.

And all of the sudden, moot quits 4chan AKA cuckchain.  I don’t know what this actually means.  He posted some self-help gibberish about rising to meet new challenges and said he is no longer the administrator.  I think that means he is still the owner of the site he is just letting someone else run it.

Probably what this means is that he is going to bring in an even larger army of SJWs and Jews to run the show and then when people fly into a rage he is going to be like “it’s not my problem man I don’t even run my own company.”

He is also no doubt fed-up with the horrible reality that even while running one of the biggest websites in the world he is unable to get laid and is constantly getting cucked by Jewish Internet Princesses.

With moot, you lose!
With moot, you lose!

The CEO of Troll, Inc. was never a person who mattered for any reason other than that he started this site wherein we built a machine of hate.  He used us for the shekels and we used him for the hate machine.  It was a functional use-use relationship, until it ended.

I am told that 4/pol/ is now functioning to an extent, but has flags and user ids. Because user ids were the main problem people had with 8/pol/, I see no reason why anyone should be using 4/pol/ even though it technically works again.


Is he seriously going to sell it to Gawker?  I do not know or care.  It was once an important site and now it isn’t.

Fullchan has a rowdy thread about this going down at present.  Some are claiming victory, others are sad.

Here is an ad for Fullchan.

Contains profanity and nostalgia.