Moose Attack! Moose Attacks Much More Common!

One of the funniest things about the coronavirus hoax is that while stupid humans are sheltering in place, fearing to go outside because of an allegedly deadly virus that doesn’t even exist, wild animals are continuing to encroach on spaces formerly claimed by humans.

Idaho Statesman:

A dog-sitter thought a moose she saw earlier in the day in a Colorado yard was gone.

When she thought the coast was clear of a moose and its two calves, the 79-year-old woman took the dog outside the Glenwood Springs home on a leash. Then the moose attacked her, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

“When the woman no longer saw the moose in the area later that evening and believed it to be safe, she took the dog out on a leash in the yard,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said in a Wednesday news release. “That is when the attack occurred.”

A neighbor saw the moose repeatedly stomping on the woman, wildlife officials said.

The woman, who officials did not name, had severe injuries from last week’s attack. She was taken to the hospital in a helicopter.

“This incident was no fault of her own,” Area Wildlife Manager Matt Yamashita said in the news release. “Conflicts with moose can happen, even when you follow best practices for living in moose habitat.”

The moose was likely trying to protect its calves, wildlife officials said. People in the area saw the moose and calves wandering the neighborhood before the attack.

Neighbors have spotted several other moose in the same area, which could make it difficult to locate the moose that attacked the woman. Wildlife officials called off the search for the moose until they have new information.

Moose attacks in Colorado are increasing, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. They are protective animals and will defend their territory and young.

I am in 100% support of animals violently reclaiming most of the urban areas in America. And this is what will happen if half of the population is cleared out when the vaxx kills all of the sickening retards who succumbed to it.

Moose will clean up the mess of urban sprawl.