Monumental Destruction: The End Game of Statue Removal

Violent mobs, city governments and private institutions are tearing down statues at about the same pace, with the latter two often citing the demands of the former as the reasoning behind the tear down.

I am not aware of a central database that is keeping track of all of them that are coming down, but I’ve started a thread on the Gamer Uprising forum to try and collect them all.

It is effectively “all statues that are not Martin Luther King Jr. or some Jewish thing” that are slated to come down. The mob is attacking things now while clearly not even knowing what they are.

They’ve recently torn down Hans Christian Heg, an abolitionist.

Clearly, they are just destroying images of white men, ripping up things that white people care about. That’s the extent of it. It’s not about slavery, and it never was about slavery, and it doesn’t even have anything to do with black people, beyond the fact that the blacks are a means to facilitate an attack on whites.

All of it is just a massive attack on whites, with all of the logic behind it being merely a means to an end that isn’t being revealed upfront, but which is simply obvious. Jews saying they want to tear down these monuments because they hurt the feelings of black people and contribute to their continual failure at life is no different than inviting a pretty girl up to your room because you want to show her your Gundam collection. It’s a goofy pretext.

After a statue of Edward Colston was torn down by a mob and thrown in the river in Bristol, England, the New York Times published an article by a “British Indian” professor at the University of Sussex,¬†Gurminder K. Bhambra, asking, “Can we finally talk about the British Empire?

No one other than historians and elite revolutionaries are thinking about the British Empire. It does not exist anymore. Anything historical is by definition not immediately relevant. No one is talking about reinstituting British rule over India. “We are shaped by our past and it configures the present” is a slogan being pushed ostensibly to give immediate relevance to historical institutions through Marxist theories of class warfare and power dynamics and it is literally just gibberish.

Watch this clip of a black woman in Chicago talking about her 13-year-old daughter being shot through the head with a stray bullet while she was showing her a dance.

To be honest, I’ve lost most of my ability to sympathize even with individual black people at all over the last month, because black people collectively have engaged in a campaign to personally dehumanize me, but I am able to recognize this woman’s story as sad. The woman says that they’re talking about police killing people, but she don’t see no police killin nobody.

The New York Times doesn’t make a point to talk about the slaughter that happens every weekend in Chicago and to a lesser extent in every black neighborhood in the country, but if they were to try to explain to this woman why statue removal is important to her life, they would tell her that the reason that the black gang member shot a stray bullet through her daughter’s head was that he had internalized systemic violence as a means of survival due to the presence of the police in his community as representatives of the white patriarchal system of racial domination and exploitation. They would then take it a step further and claim that the violence of the white supremacist patriarchy is rooted in historical injustice and the way to level the balance of power which leads to oppression is to identify the symbols of that historical imbalance and destroy them. At that point, it kind of devolves into vague voodoo, where the symbols themselves maybe create a psychic energy field or something.

Marxism is literal gibberish. They create knitted layers of complex nonsense, creating an illusion of coherence to blot out obvious solutions to simple problems. The problems in the black community are due to drugs and a vacuum of masculine order created by the welfare state. If you wanted to stop gang violence among blacks, the first thing you would do is remove the drugs using very serious policing and the second thing you would do is stop paying black women to have children out of wedlock.

The last thing that the people organizing this insanity care about is helping black people. Promoting this weird Marxist gibberish as a solution to black problems is a cover for the very simple agenda of destroying white people. What they are engaged in is a cultural revolution, tearing down history. They are attempting to build a Year Zero.


The idea behind Year Zero is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All of the history of a nation or people before Year Zero is largely deemed irrelevant, because it will ideally be purged and replaced from the ground up.

In this new cosmology, they will use their Marxist gymnastics to explain why whites must be killed.

The most powerful figure in the Black Lives Matter movement is now offering a contemporary Marxist explanation, backed by the versatile infrastructure of buzzwords, for why churches should be burned. Shaun King is calling for the destruction of Christian symbols because they are symbols of white supremacy.

He is calling for doing this:

To images of Jesus Christ.

The goal is to lay waste to everything that we are as White Men, and they are now ready to go directly for the root of that, which is our connection to our God. That is what all of our history was based on.

The reason any of it is possible is that the connection to God and history has already been totally severed for a significant portion of our population. However, the fact that these are now under attack gives us the opportunity to rally the people back to them. The outright destruction of who we are highlights its importance.

Certainly, they would not go to such lengths to destroy it if there were not a great power lying dormant within: the race consciousness.