Montreal’s First Jew Mayor to be Jailed for His Treachery

Daily Stormer
February 4, 2017

Nobody could have predicted that a Jew could be corrupt.

A few years ago, Montreal city was wrapped up in a huge corruption scandal. The mafia was basically running the show or whatever, giving bribes to city officials to get contracts and stuff like that. The mayor was put under investigation, and had to be replaced by an interim mayor while the inquiry was going on.

Since the city was accused of corruption, they had to select someone of impeccable ethics. So of course, they chose a Jew.

Needless to say, he turned out to be even more corrupt than the mafia guy who preceded him, getting arrested after just a few months in office.

Times of Israel:

Montreal’s first Jewish mayor is facing up to five years in prison after being convicted of fraud and corruption.

Michael Applebaum, 53, fainted while standing in court Thursday awaiting his judge-only verdict in Quebec Court, but appeared stoic as the decision was handed down, according to news reports.

He fainted!

Fi Yeez? Cracka, I ain’t even done nuffin!

He was convicted on eight of 14 charges, including corruption, conspiracy and fraud, related to his bid to gain approval for real estate projects through thousands of dollars in bribes.


Well, I can’t say I’m feeling sorry for Montrealers.

That’s what you get for having a Jew mayor.

Applebaum, a former shoe salesman and real estate agent, entered municipal politics in 1994, once serving as a Montreal borough mayor and chair of the city’s powerful executive committee overseeing million of dollars in budgeting.

He was named interim mayor in 2012 before his arrest in a raid by anti-corruption police at his home in June 2013.

He didn’t last a year. You’d think Jews would be more skilled at corruption than the goyim; the previous mafia mayor lasted a solid decade, and managed to escape all charges by claiming he “wasn’t aware” that his entire government was being bought off by the mafia.

In any case, any Jew being carted off to prison for scamming gentiles is an occasion for celebration.