Montreal: Riots Against the Coronavirus Curfew

An anti-lockdown protest in Montreal, Canada got hot on Sunday night.

Multiple businesses were vandalized during the riot.

Protests came after François Legault, the Premier of Quebec, announced Quebec’s corona curfew would be pushed up from 9:30 PM to 8:00 PM due to The Rise of the Seventh Wave.

I’m just joking, I don’t know if it’s the seventh wave. I’ve heard both fourth and fifth wave used. Regardless, the original analysis has continued to hold true: “it’s just the flu, bro.”

We have yet to see any evidence of a pandemic. No one knows anyone who died, most people don’t know anyone who claims to know someone who died.

It’s certainly no Black Plague. There is definitely not a cart rolling through town every morning, calling people to “bring out your dead.”

I guess people aren’t clear on the fact that a “pandemic” typically involves high casualties, which is why it was so easy to fake a pandemic.

And, just to be clear: there was no lockdown, masks or curfew during the black plague.

Here’s the beginning of the Montreal protest:

Here’s after it started to get rowdy.

I’m against violence.

But you have to ask: what are people supposed to do?

This hoax has gotten totally out of control.

These cops will just do anything to anyone. If the master says “go out and beat up anyone who says this fake pandemic is a hoax,” they will do that.

You understand the position people are in.

It makes sense that faking a pandemic for the purpose of social control makes a lot of people angry.