Montana: Satanic Individual Rips Down Ten Commandments Monument

This is what I keep trying to tell you people: this stuff is not about the blacks. The blacks are a convenient pry bar being used to open an entire can of diseased worms.

This is a full-on cultural revolution.

They are coming for our guns, coming for our freedom of speech, coming for our Jesus.


Police in northwestern Montana say a man was arrested on a felony criminal mischief charge after he pulled down a Ten Commandments monument using a chain and pickup truck.

The 30-year-old Columbia Falls man reportedly wrapped a chain around the religious monument on the Flathead County courthouse grounds on Saturday. He then attached the chain to his truck and pulled the monument into the street, the Kalispell Police Department told NBC Montana.

The man then reportedly removed the chain, got back into the truck and left the scene. A suspect was later arrested after police located the truck allegedly used in the act.

The man’s name is “Anthony Weimer.” In America, this German name is usually a Jewish name, and that would obviously be the assumption. The man does not look Jewish, however.

He could just be a normal white German, riled up by all of this lunacy. It doesn’t matter if he’s Jewish as an individual or not, as he is pushing the Jewish agenda to destroy Christianity, which is the underlying goal of this revolution.

The incredible part is that he was arrested at all. The policy of all governments in America appears to be to just let these people destroy whatever they want and to order the cops to do nothing to stop them.

They are just going to keep saying this is about blacks until they admit it isn’t. The black figures have started the calls for church burnings by claiming that Jesus wasn’t white and so images of Jesus as white are racist. In fact, Jesus and everyone in the Bible was white, but that is really incidental, given that the goal is simply to provide a weird excuse to destroy religious symbols.

But here, the Ten Commandments had nothing at all to do with race. They are just a list of good rules for the people. And they were attacked as part of this quest to destroy every symbol of the white American identity.

If they were attacked because Moses was white – as is clear in every image we have of him – then we are in a situation where everything that white people did, no matter what it was, is now going to be deleted.

If we are supposed to replace everything white people contributed to society with things that black people contributed to society, then we’re going to have a very serious problem.

Basically, you can look forward to this:

But I don’t think so. The Jews in the media and government that are running this revolution don’t care about black people, or want us to live in mud huts with lip plates for the sake of justice. Blacks are a primitive, barbaric race that is easy to rile up to use for purposes of destruction, and this destruction is going to usher in a new form of completely Jewish tyranny.

People need to snap out of whatever spell they’re under and start standing up against these lunatics, because pretty soon there’s going to be nothing left to save.