Monstrous Jew Te’Devan Terrorizes New York with Horrible Freestyle Rap

Daily Stormer
May 15, 2014

Here you shall witness a tall Jewish monster who travels the world to disrupt the lives of human beings with his foul methods of harassment.

I post this so that you may understand that Jews are weird, sick people, who are biologically prone to disrupting human civilization by any means at their personal disposal.

This Jew is not getting orders from Tel Aviv to cause problems in society. He does it without being told. He walks the streets, trying to confuse people with his gibberish, producing nothing while receiving free handouts from people who produce.

You may say he is harmless, and I would say that by Jewish standards he is – he does not murder or steal on a grand scale, he does not distribute mind-warping propaganda to the people in the form of “entertainment.” But ask yourself – if you had the option, would you want this weirdo on your streets, or would you want him to be sent back to the Middle East where he belongs?

Does this question not answer itself?