Monkeys are Being Kept as Surrogate Children and Taken for Rides in Supercars

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2020

I’m shocked to find that news outlets are beginning to openly discuss this despicable Western practice.

Daily Star:

Monkeys are being treated like mini humans and lavished with ever-more extravagant treats.

One spoilt spider monkey called Chico has been captured on film in the UK, being paraded as the ultimate accessory as he is taken for a ride in a flash car by his owner.

During a 3 minute clip posted on YouTube by a monkey vlogger from Truro, the tiny primate is seen being taken on a car ride to a supermarket car park where he is shown off to those he meets.

The animal, who has a specially adapted car seat, is handed fruit as a couple fawn over him, in the bizarre clip from 2019.

His owner, who has over 2,000 followers on YouTube describes his pet as having the “soul of a little man”.

“He has enriched my life so much love him to bits,” he says of the tiny primate who wears a baby’s nappy, collar and leash when out and about.

He’s my little man. He’s so funny he as his own little personality,” he adds in another clip.

In a different car ride clip Chico is described as “just chilling” as he clings to his owner’s arm as they go for a ride while the radio blasts out pop music.

The lively animal is also seen being bathed, being fed fresh vegetables, eating a fried egg, meeting different human friends, and playing with an iPad.

The Brit vlogger is part of global band of monkey owners famed for dressing the pets up and their exploits online.

Other examples show primates are shown being taken to fast food chains, watching tv, surfing the internet and even sleeping in a proper human bed like a married couple.

But despite attempts to curb the practice, attempts to domestic monkeys are hitting new heights.

Macaque monkeys Jk and female Shaki have become sensations after living like a married couple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The two macaque monkeys are often pictured dressed up in human clothes and taken out to enjoy casual dinner dates together, much to the amusement of passersby.

The scenes have echoes of a pet monkey called Darwin, who hit global headlines in 2013 after getting lost in an Ikea store in Canada having escaped from a car.

Pet monkeys could soon be a thing of the past in the UK if new laws are passed to ban people from keeping them.

Around 4,000-5,000 primates are currently kept as pets in England and the practice is currently under review after welfare concerns were raised.

We have to pass laws banning people from adopting blacks.

Animal abuse has to stop.

These animals need to live in their own habitats.

Forcing the human way of life on them is nothing but a speciesist form of colonialism.

If this misguided imperialism of our species continues, cities will turn into zoos.

Clothing cannot contain the nature of animals.