Monkeyman Pleads Guilty to Striking and Killing White Motorcyclist with His Car While Drunk

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2019

Stanley Brown.

Motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians… these are just three of the things that might as well be considered bowling pins when a drunk dindu is on the road.


A Duluth man has changed his plea to guilty after hitting and killing a motorcyclist while he was allegedly drinking and driving in the Denfeld neighborhood in May.

Stanley Brown pleaded guilty to criminal vehicular homicide and refusing to submit to a breath test in connection to a crash which left Peter Seppanen dead.

Police say Seppanen was driving up 40th Avenue West on a motorcycle near Horseshoe Bend.

According to court documents, Brown was apparently driving down the hill.

Witnesses say Brown crossed over the center line, hit the motorcycle and apparently kept driving.

Brown is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

Peter Seppanen.