UK: Monkey President of Student Union in Britain Wants “Islamic Takeover” to “Oppress White People for Revenge”

Daily Stormer
July 2, 2017


By the time colonialism ended at the middle of the last century, the average lifespan in sub-Saharan Africa had more than doubled, and the total population had more than quadrupled. Now the western-European cucks are paying for the foolishness of their ancestors, who instead of exterminating these dim-witted hominids, gave them food and medicine and even, to my disgust, called them “human beings.”


Swedish-Somali student Zamzam Ibrahim, the elected head of her northern-England’s Student Union and apparently a devout Muslim, has been revealed as holding extreme views on a number of topics, in a report in Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, following an earlier revelation by the Spectator.

I was hoping to one day write an article without any mention of Sweden… Alas, twas not meant to be.


Ibrahim’s opinion, stated clearly on social media posts and online quiz websites, show strong opinions on Islam, calling the government’s deradicalization programme “racist”.

 Asked on an online answers website about whether it is ever right for men and women to be friends, Ibrahim gave a typically hardline answer for her opinion on the sexes mixing, remarking: “I’ve had this debate with many friends! Maybe in some cases but Islamically it’s incorrect for girls to be friends with a guy anyway!

“So I’m gonna say NO not the kind of friendship they can have with the same gender there is always boundaries.”

Who the fuck wants to know this subhuman’s opinions on anything? Why would you ask a Somali – literally the lowest form of life on this planet – anything at all? You can find “good ones,” exceptions in almost any shit-skin group EXCEPT for the Somali one. They are all vermin, every last one of them.


In one of the more remarkable admissions, when asked what book she thought everyone should have to read, Ibrahim remarks: “The Quaraan. We would have an Islamic takeover!”.

As soon as we shake off the kike flees off our backs, you’re gonna have mushroom clouds pop up over Mecca, Cairo, Medina, Ankara, Tehran, Bagdad, Damasc, Islamabad, Mogadishu and every every other place on this planet that you cockroaches defile with your existence.

The Spectator reports many of Ibrahim’s former answers and social media profiles have been recently hastily deleted, but not before they were captured for posterity. One tweet said that if the Student Union leader were “president for a day”, the political change she’d enact would be: “[to] oppress white people just to give them a taste of what they put us through!”.

99% of everything that has ever made your life easier or more pleasant was invented by White people. The other 1% you have gooks to thank for. You are a parasite, and nothing else, everything you have comes from White people. Enjoy them while people like me are still organizing to exterminate you.

The University of Salford where Ibrahim is a student officer is also the former university of Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi, although he is understood to have never gone to classes — only enrolling to receive the student loans. The Jihadist killed 22 when he detonated a bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in 2017.

The chancellor at this university is a half-human “poet” (who looks shockingly like an interdimensional reptilian), so I’m not really surprised that they’d be lying to these vermin that everything bad comes from Whitey, when in fact it’s the exact opposite. This will change very soon however, either because most Whites will wake up, or because the weaklings of our kind will die from getting slaughtered by their subhuman pets and cutting their dicks off. Regardless – I’ll be ready when the time comes, and many others will as well.

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