Monkey From Nigeria Pretending to be a Doctor Kills Six-Year Old Boy in UK, Will Keep Its Medical License

Daily Stormer
June 15, 2017

I want to feel bad for the parents, but… They left their kid in this thing’s paws

How can any minimally sane person look at a monkey and think “Hey, that thing is a doctor”?

No matter how much indoctrination you’ve gotten from the (((schools))) and the (((media))), your own eyes should be able to make realize that you’re looking at something that is literally non-human, a creature that is not only not of your only race, but not even of your own species!

But what if you don’t have a choice? What if you’ve just had an accident, and they’re taking you to the emergency room, and the last thing you see is the face of one of these brainless vermin? Do you think anybody’s gonna care?

A disgraced children’s doctor whose blundering led to the death of a six-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome in an NHS hospital has been allowed to continue practising medicine in Britain.

A row has broken out over the decision not to strike off Hadiza Bawa-Garba, 41, who wrongly diagnosed Jack Adcock as having gastroenteritis – when he had the life-threatening condition of sepsis.

She then mistakenly placed the boy under a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order when he suffered a cardiac arrest. Although the DNR error was spotted by a junior colleague, Jack died 90 minutes later.

Yeah, I’m sure this was a “mistake.”

Inquiries revealed Bawa-Garba had confused Jack with another patient who was aged two and had been discharged earlier from Leicester Royal Infirmary.


But the doctor’s career has been saved because medical watchdogs believe she poses a ‘low risk’ to patients.

Bawa-Garba, from Leicester – who qualified as a paediatrician in 2006 – had faced being struck off after she was found guilty of manslaughter at a criminal court. Following her conviction, she walked free after her lawyer said she expected her medical career was ‘in tatters’.

My heart breaks…

But this week at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, Bawa-Garba escaped with a 12-month suspension for misconduct after claiming she had shown ‘extreme remorse’ following the tragedy in February 2011.


The hearing was told the DNR mistake did not cause Jack’s death but he died ‘significantly sooner than he otherwise would have’.

He wouldn’t have died at all if he had an actual doctor, who would’ve given him a correct diagnosis and proper treatment!

Two senior colleagues said Bawa-Garba was ‘an excellent and competent doctor.’ She did not give evidence at the tribunal.

In a Facebook post Jack’s mother Nicky accused the doctor of ‘murder’ and added: ‘Cannot believe it we are absolutely disgusted and I’ve made it very clear I wish to appeal. Do you want her treating your child because in 12 months. I bet she is smiling right now. Killed my son through neglect.’

Earlier panel chairman Mr Miran Uddin told Bawa-Garba: ‘The purpose of fitness to practise proceedings is not to punish a doctor for past wrongdoing but to maintain proper standards in the profession and to protect the public. The tribunal must look forward, not back.

‘Your clinical failings, serious as they were, are capable of being remedied. You continued to practise without further incident after these events and there were no concerns prior to this event.

What? What does that even mean? If you kill someone, you get away with it because someone THINKS you won’t do it again? What is this retarded shit? BTW, in case “Miran Uddin” doesn’t sound Anglo-Saxon to you, it’s because it isn’t:

“Uddin” is the name of someone who gets a boner thinking about dead White kids

Jack, who lived with his parents and younger sister Ruby in Glen Parva, Leicester, was said to be a ‘lively and energetic’ boy who attended a mainstream primary school.

But on February 18, 2011, Jack showed symptoms of diarrhoea, sickness and breathlessness and was admitted to hospital’s children’s assessment unit.

Although he had sepsis and urgently needed antibiotics, Bawa-Garba – originally from Nigeria – wrongly diagnosed him as having gastroenteritis and failed to look at an X-ray for over three hours which showed he had signs of the highly dangerous infection.

She also did not review ‘seriously abnormal’ blood tests results which showed the youngster was suffering organ failure and later allowed him to be mistakenly given medication usually used to treat high blood pressure.

That evening Jack suffered septic shock and a ‘crash call’ went out to medics to revive him only for Bawa-Garba to call off CPR because she mistakenly believed there were instructions not to resuscitate him.

Efforts to help Jack were halted for up to two minutes until the junior colleague picked up the mistake but by then it was too late.

“See, goyim? These were just minor mistakes, no need to worry next time you take your filthy little Nazis to the hospital.”

At the time of the court case Jack’s mother Nicola said: ‘Never in a million years did we expect our son to die. He went into hospital with sickness and diarrhoea and never came home.

Jack was neglected from the moment he entered Leicester Royal Infirmary. It makes me so angry to think my son could still be here today if they had done their jobs right.

‘I will never forgive myself for taking him there. I could have cared and looked after him better than they did.’

His father Vic added: ‘I had to watch my little man go. I miss him every day and I will do for the rest of my life. Since we lost Jack, I’m a changed person. I wish I could forgive them but at the moment I can’t and I don’t think I ever will.’

Pro-tip for not dying: Next time you or someone you care about is so sick that you have to go to the hospital, pick the White doctor. If there’s no White doctor, pick the Yellow doctor. If there are neither White nor Yellow doctors, go home, get lots of rest, drink tea and eat liver with onions and lots of pickles.

Human lives shouldn’t be put in the hands of creatures that never invented anything more complicated than a mud hut.

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