Monkey-Faced Negro Takes Selfie with Stolen iPad, Helps Manhunt to Find Him

Daily Stormer
May 17, 2017

You only believe I photoshoped this image because of your limited conception of what a human is supposed to look like.

Have you ever seen those old school detective stories, where the criminals are so brilliant that they leave clues leading to them to taunt the investigators?

This Negro criminal mastermind is like a modern version of that.

Except that he just leaves clues because he’s too stupid to figure out how to use common electronic devices.

CBS Baltimore:

Police say they have identified a suspect who robbed a home in Baltimore, then took selfies on a stolen iPad.

The Baltimore Police Department reports the robbery happened on May 12, at a home in the unit block of S. East Avenue. Officers say the suspect stole a number of electronic devices along with other property.

The suspect then took “selfies” on the victim’s stolen iPad, which then were automatically uploaded to the victim’s iCloud account. Police then released that picture and ask for the public’s help in identifying him.

Police now say they have identified the suspect, and charges are pending against him.