Mommy Governors Issuing Insane, Tyrannical New Lockdown Decrees

Several American states have announced new lockdowns, despite there being no evidence that the lockdowns do anything to stop the spread of the virus in the long term, according to Fox News and tweets from the governors themselves.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is saying that he is doing this because he is your mommy and he loves you. He understands that it is going to destroy your life, but he has to do it because he’s a loving mommy.

Why it matters: This is going to completely collapse the economy, and harden the understanding among the abused population that they do not have even the most basic freedoms of work, free association and free movement.

  • The US government is tyrannical.
  • This is a Great Reset conspiracy.
  • They are trying to destroy your family.
  • They are implementing these lockdowns to ruin Thanksgiving and then Christmas.
  • Governments are actually giving you orders on how you’re allowed to celebrate.
  • Jews are ecstatic they’re destroying Christmas.
  • This is going to be much more extreme than last time.

The big picture: One by one, states are reentering lockdowns like those that we saw in the spring. However, they are going to be even more extreme.

  • Washington has banned wakes and funeral receptions. Funerals are capped at 30 people. Youth sports players have to wear masks while playing sports. Outdoor gatherings are to be limited to only five people. Recreational facilities will be closed.
  • Oregon has banned indoor gatherings larger than six people “from more than two households.” Gyms will remain closed (they never opened). Social gatherings are limited to six people.
  • Michigan, where the Ultra-Cunt rules supreme, has banned high school and college, and gatherings. This queen bitch has ordered the peasantry not to have Thanksgiving with people “from more than two households.”
  • Many states are bringing back work from home.

Of note: the government thinks it’s your mommy. It is telling you that you are not allowed to make adult decisions about what risks you are willing to take, and instead the government will decide for you.

  • This is never going to end.
  • You gave the government your freedoms and they’re not going to give them back.
  • Andrew Anglin predicted this while many on the right were claiming that lockdowns were good because they’re feminine faggots.
  • You should have listened to Anglin.

By the numbers: This is Andrew Anglin’s second article written in the Axios style. His first was about wind farms. He’s already getting better at it.