Mommy Brix: Social Distancing Will Last Through Summer

If you give a woman authority over your system, she is going to lock that system down as hard as she possibly can, because that will maximize her ability to patrol for those breaking the rules.

Everything in a woman’s psyche drives her to be on constant patrol, so if there isn’t anything to patrol, she has to create new rules so she can patrol those rules.

Dr. Deborah Brix, who is your ultimate and eternal mommy, says that “social distancing” – that is, the kook scheme to make everyone stand six feet apart from each other at all times – is going to last through the summer.

As the stakes of this virus get lower and lower, with it now being impossible for these kooks to claim that it is some kind of serious threat to anything other than the old people’s home, they just continue to double down.

“Hit me” -Deborah Brix

During an appearance on Meet the Press on Sunday, this nagging old cunt said that this would “ensure the safety of the American people.”

“Social distancing will be with us through the summer to really ensure that we protect one another as we move through these phases,” the nagging hag said to Jew pervert Chuck Todd.

What safety are we going to have when the wheels come off this nightmare train to oblivion? We’re going to have riots, we’re going to have war, we’re going to have crime at a level no one can even imagine right now.

The homeless alone are going to keep everyone in a constant state of fear, as they roam around like zombies. That’s not a feeling of safety, being surrounded by drug addicts.

I don’t think people are going to feel safe when they see people, in the neighborhoods that used to be for families, walking around like this:

Further, all these people who are going to become drug addicts are not going to be safe. The fentanyl they take to deal with the nightmare is going to kill more of them than the flu virus.

We also still don’t have a reason to believe that the supply lines for food are going to be maintained through this, and we may end up starving to death. Is that safe?

What about all the hospitals that are going to be forced to close, so that when people have a health problem – or even an accident – they can’t get treatment?

Every possible thing you could ever do is less safe than completely locking down your entire society and destroying the economy.

This is the end result of allowing women to influence society: you have a complete and totally nonsensical lockdown in the name of safety and security, even though it won’t provide any safety or security, and all it does is create a hell and cause everything to burn.

If women were capable of running societies, or contributing to them, they wouldn’t have spent the entire history of the human species not doing that.

Do you know of even one single masculine male who is freaking out over this virus? I have not seen one. It is all women, and fat pieces of shit who act like women because they have the estrogen levels of women.

Men do not cower, men do not live in fear, men do not prioritize safety and stupid “rules regimes” over freedom.

The summer is not flu season. The fact that they are attempting to extend this into summer means that they are attempting to extend it indefinitely.

What that means is that the goal of this virus hoax agenda goes far beyond simply destroying the economy and making everyone poor so the elite Jews can do whatever they want. There is also a plan to maintain a constant state of fear, with the “invisible enemy” used as an excuse to engage in any action.

They are probably literally going to start rounding people up and shipping them to camps.

If only we could go back 20 years and have someone predict all of this, then maybe we could act to change it.

Oh, that’s right: Alex Jones has been saying all of this since 1998.

We didn’t listen, and now we will pay the ultimate price.