Mom, Here’s the Thing…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2017

The kids love them some Daily Shoah.

But moms just don’t understand.

I hate the sickening Paul Joseph Watson/Gavin McInnes meme “conservatism is the new punk,” and in fact believe it to be the cringiest meme possibly ever in all of history. Honestly, it’s worse than anything you’re going to find on Reddit. Actually, they probably got it from r/The_Donald, but whatever – it really sucks balls.

Besides the fact that punk rock sucks and was always gay, even when people thought it was cool, the metaphor doesn’t even work. I was born in 1984 so I don’t remember punk, but I know the history of it: this was gen x manifesting their nihilism in response to the decadence of the post-hippie era.

The actual metaphor would be “conservatism is the new hippyism,” as that was kids rebelling against the morals and ideology of their parents for idealistic, political reasons.

The only popular punk band that was even political was The Clash (also happens to be the only one that you can actually listen to without feeling the need to run an electric drill through your skull), and they were not directly associated with the subculture that is being referenced when Watstein and McInburg use that gay meme.

But these faggots don’t want to say “conservatism is the new hippyism” because it doesn’t fit with the “aw, I’m edgy man, I’m the coolest kid on the block, I’m in your face, I’ve got something to say and I’m gonna say it, people get angry at me and I don’t care and I’m coming at you” aesthetic they are messily trying to create.

Of course, neither is a good metaphor, as both the punk rock movement and the hippy movement were commericially-marketed Jewish products designed to destabilize and ultimately destroy white Western civilization. The rising right wing movement is an organic response by the people to the Jewish society that was created by said Jewish social revolutionary movements.

Of course, Watson and McInnes – both with Jewish producers – are trying to package and sell it in the same way the punk and hippy movements were packaged and sold. That is why people hate them so much. That is why people hate all of these “Alt-Light” people so much. Not everyone is able to put it into words, but they feel it: what they are doing is a fundamentally perverted violation of something sacred and pure.

We care about what we are talking about. We care a lot. We understand that we are the last line of defense – right here – the only people capable of carrying on Western civilization, of preserving the divine, ancient blood of our ancestors.

We are ready to die for this.

And disgusting, callous marketers are swooping in to try and make a buck.

It’s Bumfights on steroids.

That’s my new meme: “Rebel Media is the new Bumfights.”

About Your Mom

Back to your mom catching you listening to TDS.

I haven’t talked about this in a while, and I should say it more, or even put something in the sidebar. Someday, when I don’t have so much going on, I’m going to write a guide for n00bs and include this.

We always talk about spreading the word about the movement, and you absolutely do need to do that. But to other young men. Don’t do it to your family. Don’t ever do that.

Seriously, don’t (unless it’s your brother, but even then, go easy).

Being a Nazi is not like being a faggot. You should not feel morally compelled to tell your parents.

All it will do is create tensions, cause problems. We all have enough family problems.

Another flaw in their metaphor: the new right wing movement is not about rebelling for the purpose of taking revenge on your parents.

Regardless of what Gavin McInnes tells you, this isn’t the music video for Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

Yes, it is fun pissing off obsessive, uptight perverts. But there is no reason to piss off your parents.

The first thing people who hear this information want to do is tell their families, and there is not really any possible way that can turn out well.

Slowly, they will start to pick up on changes in you, as you start acting more confident, getting in shape, dealing better with women and so on. Maybe they will ask you questions. Give vague answers. Little things will come out, over time, and then maybe they’ll figure it out.

Slowly, you can say little things here and there, and see how they respond, then say a little bit more. Feel them out, over a very long period of time. DO NOT just machine gun them with information, ever, no matter what.

If your mom catches you reading the Daily Stormer or listening to TRS podcasts, tell her it’s just something someone sent you because they thought it was funny, you’re not a Nazi, blah, blah, blah.

This is really important.

Anyone who has done it will tell you this. I get emails nonstop from young guys that start “so I tried to talk to my parents…”

It doesn’t work.

Don’t do it.