Molyneux: Why Democracy Always Fails

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2017

I don’t usually watch or post Molyneux’ call-in videos, as I find them typically to be boring.

This is an exception though.

This one is super-lolz.

He destroys this poor bastard.

Question: “When I watched the video you posted titled ‘why democracy always fails’, I nearly lost faith in you! I think I can demonstrate to you that what you think is democracy is not a democracy at all, but an elected oligarchy disguised as one. A genuine democracy would function very differently. Not only can I demonstrate that; I can present a relatively simple fix to change our elected oligarchy into a democracy that will transfer power out of the hands of political parties and into the hands of voters, where it should be.”

Here’s the original video the caller was responding to, from way back in February of 2015, which is actually better.

Stef breaks down the fact that you are never going to have an educated mass populace, and thus you must not allow the masses to interfere with the running of government, as they will always be swayed by emotions provoked by the mass media.

I imagine this was posted here at the time, but it’s worth posting again for anyone who missed it.