Molyneux Review of Jewish Feminist Propaganda Film Wonder Woman

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2017

Jews creating feminist propaganda to distort reality?


The artistry, charm and special effects – and one powerful twist – are the only things that rescue Wonder Woman from its own stultifying clichés:

1. A female-run society is a paradise.

2. Women are great warriors.

3. the hot Amazon supermodel librarian.

4. The incomprehensibly jealous and angry villain.

Anyone who watches this and doesn’t think Molyneux is FULL RED PILL is goof-trooper.

Except that he isn’t technically full red pill, because he still thinks women have agency and the ability to make decisions based on internal processes, which is a complete joke. But that doesn’t come up in this video. Here, he just slams the anti-white, anti-male, globalist agenda of Jew Hollywood.

By the way, this bitch is straightening her hair.

She has a Jewfro.