Molyneux on Brussels

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2016

Stefan Molyneux has put out not one but two videos on the Brussels attacks. Both are very much worth watching.

He gets better by the day.

Just a note on Molyneux:

People keep asserting that he is a Jew. I think I am probably mostly responsible for this. About two years ago (or something) I posted a clip where he says his mother came from “a pretty Jewish clan.” At the time, I had been looking at some of his weird material he put out many years ago where he offered therapy and told people to hate their parents.

I don’t know what “pretty Jewish clan” means exactly, but presumably it means she was part Jewish. Otherwise he would have said “my mother is a Jew.” So, if we assume she was half, it means he’s a quarter, which means that under the Nuremberg Laws he would be eligible to receive an “Aryanization” certificate.


Some people will argue that Hitler was wrong to do this. It’s not an argument that is especially important to me. But the fact of the matter is that Aryanized partial Jews fought and died for the Reich and there is no evidence that any of them ever betrayed Hitler.

So take it for what you will. I tend to side with Hitler about everything, but again, it’s not an argument I want to make or engage people in because overall it is of little importance.

Besides the weird family counseling material – which he has completely stopped producing – I see no other Jewish behavior coming from Stefan Molyneux. He does not look Jewish at all, and identifies as a “White Christian” (even though I believe he is technically an atheist).

He has also largely backed off his Libertarian stuff, and basically admitted that as long as a society is all White you can make any system work. He is a Trump supporter. What’s more, he is now regularly outright blaming the Jews, and in a recent attack on a Paki immigrant in Germany, he defended the Third Reich as a response to “Jewish communism.”

Whatever the case, his videos are some of the most valuable on the internet – both for personal consumption as well as sharing with friends/family who will respond positively to his liberal signaling abilities.