Molyneux: Never Trump Always Fails!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2016

These people are absolute faggots.

Question: “I agree with many of Donald Trump’s stated policies, though I may not agree with many of his characterizations of immigrants. That aside, I find his foreign policy most concerning.”

“I understand that secrecy is necessary as a part of military strategy, but then why hasn’t Trump had independent and respected military strategists review his plans behind closed doors and then give public endorsements? Knowing that you had to keep secrets ahead of time, but then failing to mitigate the impact this has on the public seems like a major misstep.”

“Moreover, his statements about killing the families of terrorists, seems to me irreconcilable with the NAP. How, for instance, can you justify the killing of terrorist’s grandparents?”

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I don’t usually post Molyneux call-ins, but this one is quite worthwhile.