Molotov Cocktails Thrown for the EU: Kiev is an Arab-Like Warzone

Daily Stormer
January 21, 2014
These are not civilized men.

  Ukrainians have responded poorly to the ban on protests.  Kiev is a full-on warzone, ala the Arab Spring.

This whole mess, being spurred on by the Jew boxer Vitali Klitschko and presumably whichever smarter Jews are telling him what to do, continues to get more Islam-like as protestors resist tear-gas with molotov cocktails, burning down Kiev to make clear their love for the EU.

Do we need more people of this caliber in Western Europe?

They also built a catapult.  Weird, wacky Slavs.

The place is sick.  Why on earth would Europe have any desire to unify with a nation which functions only slightly above Egypt?

Do these people even know why they want in the EU?

The response to the refusal of the EU deal proves that Ukraine needs to remain a vassal state of Russia until it proves itself capable of behaving in a civilized manner.  We do not need these people in England, France or Germany.

From NYT:

The catapult that went up on a central street of this city on Monday was a clear sign that the protests that have been going on here for more than two months were taking a darker turn.

At about 10 feet tall, the catapult was piled with bags full of cobblestones to send whistling into the ranks of the police. Men in masks hovered around it but did not let loose, apparently fearful of hitting protesters, given the large crowd nearby.

Clashes between demonstrators and the police continued Monday after fighting broke out the day before between riot police officers and protesters who had gathered to object to new laws limiting public assembly.

As the police have escalated their use of force, so have the protesters.

We’re on a crusade now,” one man wearing a balaclava said, pointing proudly at the scrap-wood catapult, designed to fire cobblestones about 200 yards down range into the police, with presumably devastating effect.


“We stood, we asked peacefully, but the government didn’t hear us,” said Svyatislav Y. Shamis, 32, a lawyer, while watching preparations to fire the catapult. “The Parliament voted for these unpopular laws, blatantly violating human rights. They constantly steal, and they pass laws for themselves and their businesses.”

In a sign of the darkening mood, two dazed men walked into a group of demonstrators Monday morning naked, barefoot and covered in welts, a video of the scene showed. The men said they had been detained by riot police officers, stripped of their clothes and shot multiple times at close range with rubber bullets, then let go as a warning to others.

Opposition leaders including Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk, a leader of the Fatherland Party, and Vitali Klitschko, leader of Punch, a political party, have renounced the violence but have been powerless to stop it.

Here’s the catapult.