Moloch Nation: California Declares It Will be “Abortion Sanctuary”

This is like when Syria became a child sacrifice sanctuary after various Semites were run out of Palestine by the Hebrew Patriarchs.

Abortion is a satanic ritual, and anyone who denies that is Jewish or brainwashed by Jews. This is not a “medical procedure.” This has to be outlawed, and the women have to face the death penalty.

And by “death penalty” I mean “burned at the stakes.”

Ancient depiction of the abortion god Moloch
This is a more accurate rendition.

Women have always been the primary lobbyists for satanic activity.

People do not know how bad things really are.

The Guardian:

California could become a “sanctuary” for people seeking reproductive care if the supreme court overturns Roe v Wade and dramatically curtails abortion access in the US.

The California Future of Abortion Council, made up of more than 40 abortion providers and advocacy groups, and lawmakers on Wednesday released a list of 45 recommendations for California to consider if the high court overturns the 48-year-old decision that forbids states from outlawing abortion.

The recommendations, crafted with help from some of the state’s most important policymakers, include possibly paying for travel, lodging and procedures for people from other states. With an estimated $31bn surplus next year, the state has money in its coffers to fund abortion services for patients from other states.

“We’ll be a sanctuary,” said Gavin Newsom, California’s governor, adding he’s aware patients will likely travel to the state from elsewhere to seek abortions. “We are looking at ways to support that inevitability and looking at ways to expand our protections.”

Abortion access in the US is under threat as the supreme court weighs a law from Mississippi that bans abortion after 15 weeks gestation and ultimately seeks to overturn Roe v Wade. More than two dozen states are poised to ban abortion if the supreme court gives them the OK next year.

California abortion providers want lawmakers to make it easier for people to get to the state for reproductive care. They recommend funding – including public spending – to support patients seeking abortion for travel expenses such as gas, lodging, transportation and childcare. The plan released Wednesday also asks lawmakers to reimburse abortion providers for services to those who can’t afford to pay – including those who travel to California from other states whose income is low enough that they would qualify for state-funded abortions under Medicaid if they lived there.

White women are below any rodent, they are below any insect.

Any comparison to any other living organism is too kind to these creatures, which are a kind of otherworldly satanic force.

God created them to torment us, just as he allowed the fallen angel Lucifer to torment us.

If you give them the ability to make any choice at all, they immediately figure out the most satanic and sadistic thing they could possibly do.

If you are one of these faggots that claim “there are good girls out there,” you have the spirit of a woman in you, and you’re truly no better than a woman yourself.

I have recently seen some various neo-Nazi faggots coming at me with this white knight faggotism – yet again.

And yet again, I will tell these estrogen bulbs: bring your bullet points, pussy.

Give me your bullet point list of the benefits that women’s liberation has offered Western society.

Bullet points.

If you have an argument, you have bullet points.

There is no position that can be argued without a point-by-point explanation as to why it is a beneficial position.

Unless you’re just a whiny little bitch woman who functions on nothing but emotion, and it just feels good to give mommy what she wants, because your entire emotional make-up is structured around pleasing mommy.

What you faggots don’t understand is that when you say “you can’t get laid,” what you’re saying is “mommy doesn’t approve of you!” That’s what that means. The woman is in control of the sex. If she decides to give you the sex, she is showing her approval for you.

I can “get laid” any time I want, because I’ve got a roll of duct tape and a car with a spacious trunk. But unlike mommy worshipers, my identity and self-esteem are not based on my ability to get laid.