Modern Christianity Does Not Represent the Faith Our Nations Were Built Upon

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
January 29, 2015

Charles Martel – The Hammer of the Franks

I find it very strange, that otherwise intelligent and well-informed people do not seem to realize that the Christianity that we see today, cannot be the same one that inspired our race to unite into nations and build our European civilization. The doctrine of ‘turning the other cheek’ was obviously never taught to our Christian ancestors in the self-destructive way that the churches teach it today. Charles Martel never turned the other cheek to his enemies and nobody ever tried to convert Saladin or the Ottomans. The doctrine of ‘love your enemies’ was clearly understood as meaning those among your own nation that you disagreed with, not the enemies of the nation, who were by necessity also the enemies of God.

The modern church does not just misuse verses such as those, but deliberately goes against many others, such as the death penalty for homosexuality and miscegenation and the outright ban on usury. This should tell us that the church has been corrupted and turned against us, not that Christianity is the source of the problems we face. It is the turning against the values of Christianity and breaking its laws, that have caused us the problems we face.

We have even allowed the very people who killed Christ to join our churches and direct our governments, it should really be common sense that Christianity would then have been subverted by them. Our ancestors were taught that the Jews were Devils, owing to the verse where Christ describes them as such and they were depicted as having tails right up until the middle ages. This can only have been because that is what the congregation were being taught from the pulpit, as the people themselves did not have Bibles until the 16th century.

Christians never used to teach turning the other cheek to enemies of the nation.

When our nations were Christian we expelled the Jews 107 times for continually breaking our Christian laws. The idea that the Jews were somehow an elder brother of Christianity would have been seen as a complete blasphemy if anyone had suggested it. It was not until the Protestant reformation that Martin Luther tried to portray the Jews as somehow being a part of Christian heritage, but he soon realized how wrong he was and recanted, eventually writing the anti-Semitic classic ‘On The Jews and Their Lies’ where he wrote that anyone who helped the Jews in any way at all was committing a grievous sin against God and man.

From the dawn of the Christian age, God’s chosen people were now the Christian nations confirming the fulfilment of prophecy, who had clearly been chosen by God to benefit from His blessings. The Jews had rejected Christ and killed Him and whoever rejects Christ is defined as an anti-Christ in the Bible. The Jews define themselves and their religion by this absolute rejection of Christ and Jesus himself cursed them to never again bear any good fruit. How then could they ever become known as God’s chosen people, when they were singled out to be a perpetual curse?

From the Druids onwards, it has been belief in life after death that drove our people to be such fierce warriors. ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends’. – John 15:13

It was not until the advent of Zionism that the Jews started to make claims on words which had been used exclusively by the Church for almost 2,000 years. The word Zion itself was originally used to poetically refer to anywhere there was a concentration of Christians, it had nothing to do with the Jews. Jerusalem too, which is why Blake wrote his famous hymn about building Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land. As late as 1936, England was still being referred to as Sion and there are mountains in Europe called the same, and not because they have anything to do with the accursed Jews. The idea of there being ‘Abrahamic faiths’ is in itself a complete blasphemy and why the term was never used until the 20th century. The Moslems were the enemy, they were certainly not brothers, in faith or otherwise. Christians always believed that the blessings of Abraham were carried down exclusively to them, through Isaac and Jacob. All other religions were false and the followers of them to be cursed.

Our ancestors were not stupid, they did not suddenly accept a foreign faith given to them by their bankers that taught them to meekly allow their lands to be invaded and taken over. The foreigners did not come along until much later and took centuries to infiltrate the faith, before subverting it from within. They have done exactly the same thing with our governments, but we are not so stupid as to say that we must get rid of government because our laws and governments today are corrupt. We know that there are forms of government that are very beneficial for our people and it is the exact same principle involved with Christianity. The early forms of Christianity were extremely beneficial for us and would still be so today, if only our churches would follow them. Luckily enough we do still have the same Bible, so it is not hard to point out where it is that the modern churches are going wrong. We are much more likely to bring people to our side by pointing this out, so why do so many of us insist on accepting and promoting this illogical lie that defames our ancestors, that what is being taught today, is the same as was being taught yesterday?


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