Modern Babylon: the American Bachelorette Party

Daily Stormer
April 25, 2014

Pray for our children.
Pray for our children.

The utter shamelessness of our contemporary culture is nowhere more apparent than in the drunken escapades of the bachelorette party.

The Jewish lie of “sexual liberation” and “gender equality” has resulted in women brazenly acting in the most un-ladylike fashion imaginable.

Marriage was instituted for the purpose of chastity and procreation, and our sick society celebrates entry into this state by a crude mockery of all that marriage stands for.

From the Daily Mail:

Strippers, midgets, bull riding and lots – lots – of booze.

That may sound like the formula for a fabulous bachelor party for a young man about to kiss the single life goodbye. But – as a New York City-based photographer learned – it’s also the recipe for a night of ‘sanctioned debauchery’ for women about to take the plunge.
Photographer Dina Litovstky has compiled a collection of fabulous photos that dive into the erotic – in most cases, booze-infused and penis-shaped – world of bachelorette parties, where women throw caution to the wind and let loose as they prepare to send a friend into wedded bliss.


All in good fun.
All in good fun.