Mo Money fo dem Programs: $4 Trillon Obama Budget Includes Billions for Free-Loading Parasites

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2015

Bot tym fer dem progrims.
Bot tym fer dem progrims.

The Basketballer-in-Chief, Kenyan National and American President Barack Obama, has released a $4 trillion budget plan. That is “trillion” with a “t.”  For anyone keeping score, that is more than 3 times the total amount of dollars in circulation.  I don’t understand economics well enough to tell you what that means, but it surely can’t be good.

No one understands where this money is coming from, but here it comes.  I guess we’ll borrow it from the Chinese, or better yet, just print it – after all, the euro and the ruble are down, I think we’ve got at least $4 trillion worth of wiggle room.

The Washington Post has a run-down of who is getting what (technically it’s still a proposal), but it is clear who the big winners are: Blacks, immigrants and Jews.

But these downtrodden groups deserved a big win, didn’t they?  After all of this suffering?

The least that we Whites can do is give them trillions of dollars for their programs.

A full $585 billion is going to “defense,” which is code word for “Jew wars of aggression.” We need to keep the pressure on Russia with endless posturing, because… I don’t actually remember why. Something to do with homosexual rights. More importantly, we need to keep slaughtering Moslems in their own countries to save Israel from a new Holocaust. The last Holocaust was such a complete bummer, the last thing we need is another one.

Then we’ve got $70.7 billion going to education, which will of course include special programs for unfortunate youths (youths who are not White). He is also proposing the government pay for community college for the less well-off (not White) persons who cannot afford these joys.

$83.8 billion is going to “Health and Human Services” – that will go to the FDA to help them design new GMOs, but also to help fight all of these new diseases being brought into the country by the vibrants.

$49.3 billion will go to “Housing and Urban Development” – that is to give free houses to not White people. HUD is costing extra money, due to the President’s directive of paying Blacks to move into White neighborhoods, so that everyone can enjoy diversity.

The rest goes to a bunch of stuff no one cares about.

It is almost as if the country is being purposefully exhausted of it’s treasure to the ends of collapsing it in on itself.

But who would do such a thing?


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