MLS Fires Serbian Soccer Player Because His Wife is a Racist

Isn’t this just racist against Serbs and women?

A soccer player has been fired and released by his club after his wife posted racist comments on social media.

The LA Galaxy which plays in the United States Major Soccer League (MSL) released Serbian winger Aleksandar Katai after his wife Tea Katai posted “racist and violent” messages on social media. Tea Katai’s messages appeared to mock the Black Lives Matter movement and people who are protesting the killing of George Floyd and black people by the police in the United States.

In a one-line statement issued on Friday, the Major League Soccer club confirmed Katai had been released.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Tea Katai’s posts, which have been taken down, appeared to make light of the protests and looting that occurred in the wake of George Floyd’s death while in police custody last week in Minneapolis. The team made the decision to release Katai after meeting with him following a training session Thursday.

“We believe strongly that we’re a club that represents our staff, represents our players, represents our fans and our community,” team president Chris Klein said. “The decision, in that respect, was not a difficult one. We have to hold to those values. This is not a soccer decision.”

Katai was not available for comment.

The posts that I can find are hardly a big deal.

What’s more, apparently most were in Serbian.

This says “kill the shits”:

And this one is pretty tame:

But I mean, this woman is a foreigner from a country where this is socially acceptable who came here not because she had some personal agenda, but because her husband got hired by a sports team.

Talk about a totally fanatical agenda, where you’re totally unable to grasp any form of nuance or context. Why was anyone even looking at this bitch’s Instagram?

Because of her tits?

I can’t get to her instagram because these Jews that run it have gone nuts and they make you open an account to view any page now.

And I ain’t making no instagram account, dog.

(Actually, I did just try to make an account, for the sake of journalism, using, and it blocked me because I was using a proxy.)

I suspect her account is locked anyway.

I also suspect that we can assume with relative accuracy that yes, people were following her instagram because of her tits.

UPDATE: I checked, and yes, it is already locked. And yes, a prominent tit-shot for the profile pic.

She is really the absolute worst kind of vile balloon-lipped Russian slag. He should have just used this opportunity to divorce her. I mean, no one wants to be known as the guy who divorced his wife because she was a racist, but if you look at him and look at her and the situation, it’s not hard to draw the conclusion that he just took advantage of the situation to drop that bitch.

Seriously, in my younger, hornier days I lived in Eastern Europe, and these women are just cancer. They all look like this. The fake lips and tits and the high heels and dress are basically like a bloodsucker uniform. They attach directly to your neck.

These women are toilets that you just flush money down.

They typically only go for much older, divorced businessmen, as they have money and are easy targets, feeling old and having low self-esteem after a divorce. This football player got one attached to his neck because he’s famous. I had a few try to attach themselves to me because I was American and they seek out green cards like friggin’ screamers.

Kissing one of them is like kissing a balloon animal filled with roofing tar that’s been soaking in a wet ashtray.

Here, I made a special meme for this, just to increase your understanding to the maximum extent:

So I think it actually might have been an alpha move if he would have been like, “yeah, I’m divorcing that racist bitch, in the name of George Floyd…!”

Everyone would have understood.

But instead he issued a cuck statement about how he loves blacks people more than life itself.

Then he got fired anyway.

A New Age of Witch Huntery

And with that – you can now officially be fired for things your relatives do.

That is a pretty drastic escalation in the witch hunting agenda, if I do say so myself.

This entire George Floyd hoax is being used to escalate the witch hunting to previously unforeseen levels.

The witch hunting has for the first time gone down to the micro-level, where witches are being hunted in friends’ circles. I know of many cases of people who have tried to remain unpolitical with their friends who are now being bullied to come out and be political in the name of black lives and the theory that black people are being genocided by the cops. Every woman is now a one-man witch hunt squad.

Post Script on Slavic Balloon Lipped Skanks

I just want to say, although I was pretty nasty above, it should be understood that these women are still much better than Western women. They do stay thin, and they act like women at least partially. They don’t do housework, instead hiring maids to abuse, but they are not aggressive maniacs. You can bring them out to social gatherings and they will not get in your face or the faces of your company. They will just sit there smoking and sipping some non-alcoholic fancy beverage, looking bored.

Also, it is natural for women to seek money. I’m not calling women out for that, specifically. Really, my main issue with these women is the balloon lips and balloon tits, but they are also kind of dark and brooding, and vain beyond a level that is appropriate.

When you look for a woman, you should not be looking for an ornament any more than you should be looking for a friend. Although it is much better to look for an ornament than a friend, you should be looking for warmth and simplicity. In fact, in Eastern Europe (specifically we’re talking about Slavic countries here), girls who do not have the balloon lips and tits and high heels will describe themselves as “simple girls.” As in, “I’m just a simple girl, I am not interested in fancy things.” This is always a total lie, as all women are into fancy things, but at least they understand that this is a valuable trait in a woman.

Western women bypass the entire “simple vs. fancy” dichotomy completely and advertise that they will be “good in bed” (stupid feminist hoax) and that they will be interesting to talk to – that they will be your friend.

A marriage is a business contract, it is not a friendship contract, and marriage and children is the only use of a woman (other than quick sex, which you can just exchange cash for). The “girlfriend” hoax is just women grifting and rent-seeking.

If you don’t understand “girlfriendship as rent-seeking,” you just wait – I’m about to write a whole essay about it.

Point being: the Russian balloon lipper is at least providing some value, whereas a girlfriend is merely making a profit off of something that used to be a natural part of society (marriage) without providing any added value.