Mixed-Race Children are Mentally Ill

Daily Stormer
March 2, 2014

Jessica Ennis is the posterchild for race-mixing propaganda in Britain, because though her face might be gross, just look at those abs!  Wait, actually I tend to find it sort of gross when women have abs like that also.
“How am I supposed to hold… all of this psychosis???” Half-negro runner Jessica Ennis is the posterchild for race-mixing propaganda in Britain, because though her face might be gross, just look at those abs! Wait, no… actually I find it sort of gross when women have abs like that.

A recent study has shown that mixed-race children are much more prone to mental health problems.

The Guardian explains why this is White people’s fault.

Despite mixed-race children belonging to the fastest-growing ethnic group, the research, backed by the National Children’s Bureau, found that they faced “unrealistic” expectations from teachers and other adults who did not understand their backgrounds.

While mixed-race young people are over represented in the care, youth justice and child protection systems, the authors said they were “invisible” in public service practice and policy.

The report – Mixed Experiences – growing up mixed race: mental health and wellbeing – drew on several studies and interviews with 21 people about their experiences as children.

Co-author Dinah Morley was concerned at the lack of understanding over what it meant to be mixed race, a group most likely to suffer racism. “I was surprised at how much racism, from black and white people, had come their way,” she said. “A lot of children were seen as black when they might be being raised by a white single parent and had no understanding of the black culture. The default position for a child of mixed race is that they are black.

The report found that those with mixed-race backgrounds were more at risk of mental health issues because of their struggle to develop an identity. Morley said the strongest common experience was the “too white to be black, too black to be white”.

Yes, “develop an identity” they must, because they sure as hell aren’t born with one.

But how insightful of the Guardian and Ms. Dinah Morley, pointing out how it is White society’s fault that these people have problems, and how it is up to us to figure out how to fix their problems.  Because a non-White cannot be responsible for their own problems, and a White cannot not be responsible for the problems of non-Whites.  And you only have to be half non-White to get these special privileges of having no responsibility and not being expected to do anything at all for yourself.

It’s a good thing that race is just a social construct, or this could all get mildly tedious.

The fact is that mixed-race children develop mental problems because they fundamentally have unstable psychological make-ups, being as they are an unnatural mix of variant modes of thinking.  Each race has not only its own looks and intelligence, but its own way of processing the world around it.  When you mix two vastly differing psychological frameworks into a single brain, you have a recipe for total psychosis.  This is why you will often find that the pure Negros from Africa are actually more peaceful and normal-seeming than the American blacks, or the mixed-race Arabians.

Father... what am I???
Father… what am I???

Creating mixed-race children is a horrible, inhumane thing to do.  If it were not for the political correctness mafia which rules our sciences, we would easily be able to run psychological and genetic tests on these mixed children, and come up with clear explanations for why they are physically and psychologically unstable.  Then we could tell people to stop doing this, it is cruel, like something out of the novel “The Island of Dr. Moreau.”

Back in 2010, a group of psychologists popped up out of the bushes to tell you what you are attracted to sexually – and it is these weird mixed-race spastics.

From the Daily Mail:

The British regard people of mixed race as the most attractive and successful, say psychologists.

Celebrities such as formula one champion Lewis Hamilton, footballer Ryan Giggs and X Factor star Leona Lewis have helped boost the image of mixed race people, according to a new study.

Psychological testing found they outstrip people who are white or black in terms of perceived attractiveness, with a rating that far exceeds their representation in British society.

How did they figure that one out, I wonder?

If I didn’t know better, I’d say these Jew psychologists, who are already aware of the mental illness of these mixer-uppers, were trying to get people to produce more of them on purpose as part of some sort of Jewish agenda.

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, no matter how many new races these people invent with their deranged Dr. Moreau sex-fetish projects, Ukrainians are still going to be the hottest thing around.

They might not be very good at politics, but daaaaaammmnn.
They might be crappy at politics, but daaaaaammmnn.

I’d advise against marrying one though, unless you’ve got a closet full of gas-masks and rubber bullets, and you’re, you know, into that sort of thing.