Mitt Romney Posts Whining Message About How People Should be Nice

The scumbag Mitt Romney, a man who ran Bane Capital and destroyed the lives of untold numbers of normal working Americans, a man who supports Black Lives Matter Marxist terrorism, is once again condemning the world for not being as moral as he is.

He is the most moral of all, you see.

Look at this message he posted on Twitter:

It basically amounts to, “we should be nice and talk very nicely or people from the internet are going to start blowing things up.”

The only person he praises in the note is Joe Biden. This is apparently a “half endorsement.”

That doesn’t have any content. It doesn’t matter if people are nice or not. What matters is outcomes. The problem of America is that we have such negative outcomes. Most of these negative outcomes have come from people who act very nice, like Mitt Romney.

Baby Boomers are utterly morally bankrupt and depraved.

Because they have no core, no spines, no true beliefs, they prize meaningless trivialities.

They focus on the absolutely superficial, in order to cover up the hollowness inside of them.

Evangelicals, a total boomer movement, go out there and whine about Donald Trump dropping f-bombs.

They claim that this is an issue of primary concern.

As Democrats are shooting little boys with estrogen and slaughtering infants on an industrial scale, flooding our country with immigrants from Mordor, Evangelicals are concerned about Trump’s potty mouth.

No true Christian would ever attack the only man defending Christendom because he said curse words.

You want a man who doesn’t curse?

Go get Mitt Romney.

He’ll sell your country out to Satan-worshiping Jews, flood you with immigrants and support abortion, but he’s really nice.

Your sons will all be trannies, your daughters will have triple digit abortions, and you won’t have any grandkids. But when you turn on the TV, he’ll be smiling with big old fake teeth and talking softly about “our values.”