Mitt Gets Booed Like a Bitch in Utah

Mitt Romney got majorly booed in Utah.

I haven’t see someone get booed like this since the Middle Eastern Christians booed Ted Cruz for saying he wanted total Jewish domination of their homelands.

With Cruz, that was actually a heinous decision. I have no idea why he would go up and start telling these people “isn’t is great that you’re getting slaughtered by these Jews?” I don’t know what he could have possibly expected.

But all Mitt did was show up at an event in his own state.

He was called a traitor!

NBC News:

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney was greeted by a barrage of insults and boos Saturday from a crowd of more than 2,100 delegates at the state Republican convention.

Despite the boos, Utah Republicans rejected a motion to censure Romney over his votes to impeach former President Donald Trump, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

“I’m a man who says what he means, and you know I was not a fan of our last president’s character issues,” Romney said as a chorus of jeers rose from those gathered inside the Maverick Center.

“Oh yeah, you can boo all you like, but I’ve been a Republican all my life,” Romney added. “My dad was a governor of Michigan, my dad worked for Republican candidates that he believed in. I worked for Republicans across the country, and if you don’t recall, I was the Republican nominee for President in 2012.”

That’s really the heart of the problem, isn’t it?

This party has been not only completely ineffective, but actually harmed itself over the last many years, because men like Romney were allowed to run it.

It’s not his fault he’s evil, and wants to destroy America. There are many such people. The question is: why was he put in charge of the American right?

He says he does what he thinks is right.

“I understand I have a few folks who don’t like me terribly much and … I’m sorry about that,” Romney said. “I express my mind as I believe is right and I follow my conscious as I believe is right.”

I don’t know how anyone can think anyone can believe that what he did at Bane Capital was “right.”

You’d have to say that was all just evil.

But in terms of whether he really hates Donald Trump, or really supports Black Lives Matter – why doesn’t he go join the Democrats?

No one who votes for Republicans supports this. He is using private interests to get in office, and then to attack his own voters.

It’s out of control.

Elections are over now, given that the Virus System means the bureaucrats can just pick whoever they want. But that’s just as well, because if not, these retards were just going to keep voting for people like Mitt Romney.