MIT Researchers and Virologist Say Ending Lockdowns Means Everyone Will Die

Prepare for cryosleep. Your life has been paused indefinitely.

“Experts” are now saying that:

  • Ending the lockdowns too soon means that there’ll be new outbreaks
  • Even if new infections reach a plateau, that’s no reason to end the lockdowns
  • Social distancing should remain until 2021
  • Relaxing social distancing will result in a new peak of the disease
  • The entire country needs to be under lockdown at the same time in order for lockdowns to work

This nightmare is just getting started.

Daily Mail:

Coming out of lockdown too soon could be catastrophic and lead to an explosion of new coronavirus cases according to a study modelling the spread of the virus.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a model showing the spread of the deadly virus using publicly available data.

The authors say that any immediate or near-term relaxation of quarantine measures already in place would lead to an ‘exponential explosion’ in COVID-19 cases.

It comes as Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab declared that the UK coronavirus lockdown will stay for at least another three weeks.

The model developed by the MIT team has proved accurate when tested against data from late January to early March – it anticipated the rate of spreading up to April 1 and is capable of predicting spread going forward.

This is the first time a model has been built based purely on COVID-19 data – all previously models used SARS and MERS information to chart the outbreak.

Most models predict the spread of disease by looking at people susceptible, exposed, infected and recovered but this model captures the number of infected individual still in quarantine and unable to infect others.

This allows them to go beyond existing models and create a much more accurate system to predict the future impact of the virus if lockdowns are ended early.

They predict COVID-19 infections will reach a plateau in the US and Italy next week but say this isn’t a reason to relax lockdown measures already in place.

The study authors say: ‘Relaxing quarantine measures too soon, we have predicted that the consequences would be far more catastrophic.’

Yeah. Even if lockdowns are allegedly working, that’s no reason to lift them because lifting lockdowns would be catastrophic.

Everyone must learn to live in isolation in order to stay alive.

Daily Mail:

A virus expert has warned that America’s coronavirus cases will spike if the current social distancing measure are relaxed as President Trump considers reopening the country and anti-lockdown protests take place in Michigan.

Virologist Dr Joseph Fair said social distancing should remain in place until the United States starts seeing the curve of cases decrease given the current lack of widespread testing and development of a vaccine.

In an interview with NBC’s Today on Thursday, Dr Fair warned against reopening the United States after Trump cited May 1 as a target and said that data indicated the US was ‘past the peak’.

‘When we’re talking about flattening the curve, we’re just at the plateau part of the curve. So the moment we relax social distancing guidelines that’s going to turn into a new peak,’ Dr Fair said.

‘So the peak can only go higher. We’re right not now flattening the curve. But what we ultimately want to do before we relax any social distancing measures would be to decrease the curve and see a steady decline.’

When asked how long social distancing should remain in place, Dr Fair said: ‘I think we can look at least until going into 2021 to have these measures in effect’.

He said it could take six months to get to where the US needs to be in terms of widespread testing, including nasal swabs and antibody tests.

‘To get to where we need to be with testing, I think it’s going to take us realistically anywhere from two to maybe six months,’ he said.

‘We’re either going to develop herd immunity… or a vaccine. I think we’ll probably end up meeting in the middle.

‘It’s bleak and it’s unfortunate… we’re not going to have a vaccine before the end of the year. I hope I’m proven wrong.’

Dr Fair has previously warned that all 50 states needed to be on lockdown at the same time to help stop the spread of coronavirus

He described social distancing as a ‘moot point’ unless the entire country was on a lockdown.

Just so you understand: governments listening to “experts” is the reason why lockdowns are a thing in the first place.

Chances are that governments will continue to listen to these so-called experts.

The new “everyone must do something at the same time in order for it to work” talking point about all 50 states needing to be under lockdown at the same time is especially problematic.

Another “expert” recently said that America and Europe would suffer new outbreaks unless Africans are saved from coronavirus.

That premise can be used to promote mandatory vaccinations and all kinds of insane measures.

People could be forced to comply with anything under the pretense of saving lives.

It’s already kind of happening.