MIT Jew Fellow Attacks Whites, Foundations of America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2015

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein: The new voice of Black America has a hooked nose
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein: The new voice of Black America has a hooked nose

We’ve got another uppity University staff member making some craaaaazzzy statements.

What’s craziest of all is that this one is a Jew.

Who would have thought that Jews want to destroy America, completely, because they hate White people?

Campus Reform:

MIT Postdoctoral Fellow Chanda Prescod-Weinstein has consistently directed denigrating Twitter and Facebook posts at America, the Founding Fathers, and white males.

On June 25th, Prescod-Weinstein tweeted that she wants “to burn the tent of whiteness down.”

A few days later, Prescod-Weinstein sent out a tweet declaring that all America has ever stood for is white power.

In a July 6th tweet, Prescod-Weinstein denounced Thomas Jefferson as a “ rapist.”

“To address white power,” Prescod-Weinstein said, “is to look evil in the eye and to challenge everything this country has stood for in the last 250 years.”

Prescod-Weinstein immediately followed that tweet up by stating that “white power” was a principle of the American founding.

Many white people, according to Prescod-Weinstein, celebrated the gay marriage decision more enthusiastically than they should have, something she chalks up to “white tears.”

In a series of July 10th tweets, Prescod-Weinstein—who identifies as a “ black queer ciswoman”—stated that although she was happy about the decision, “a lot of white people went overboard.” Why did so many white people go overboard with their celebration of the Supreme Court decision? This, Prescod-Weinstein says, is “related to white tears: [white people] just really wanted to feel good. And feel entitled to.”

Prescod-Weinstein also directed anger towards “men of color.” On July 13th, Prescod-Weinstein tweeted that “men of color” need to “work on [their] fucking sexism. It is bullshit. You are not magical unicorns just because you are not white.”

On July 4th Prescod-Weinstein tweeted that she “[m]ade it home to the U.S. just in time for a holiday I don’t celebrate. America never was America to me.”

According to Prescod-Weinstein’s personal website, she is the “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Postdoctoral Fellow & Visiting Scholar” at MIT’s Kavli Institute for Astrophysics. However, according to a July 16th tweet from Prescod-Weinstein, she will begin working at the University of Washington next spring.

Less than a month ago, the Huffington Post ran a feature on Prescod-Weinstein as the 63rd black woman in America to receive a Ph.D. in Physics.

In the Huffington Post feature, Prescod-Weinstein complained that the discussion of women in astronomy does black women a disservice by not looking at astronomy statistics by race.

She claims to be a “person of color,” though she looks like a typical Jew.


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