#MissouriCoup: White Girls Shill for Negroids by Harassing Ching-Chong Cameraman

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2015

You may watch this and be like “wait what the hell?”

I’ll tell you what the hell, dear friend.

This is all the issues of the modern world wrapped in one!

Fantastic excitement! Plus — Adventure!

You’ve got a bunch of gloriously liberated White women, freed from the bondage of the White male patriarchy, coming to the defense of the oppressed Negroid peoples!

In order to defend these poor Negroids, they harass a bucktoothed Chinaman who is out to get these Negroids!

It’s all happening now as these #ConcernedStudent1950 folks just actually threw a coup and took over an American university!

Just wow!

Society continues as we move into the grand future!