Missouri Governor to Send in Additional National Guard Troops to Deal with Rioting Apes

Daily Slave
November 25, 2014

With rioting apes destroying everything, more National Guard troops being sent in is the only plausible course of action.

After Blacks decided that they were going to burn down businesses, set cars on fire and loot the general Ferguson, Missouri area it looks as if Missouri governor Jay Nixon is going to send in additional National Guard troops.

Unfortunately, the unrest we are seeing may last a little while especially with professional race agitators like Al Sharpton and others getting plenty of media coverage and attention.

NY Times:

After a chaotic night of demonstrations that erupted in many fires, frequent bursts of gunshots, looting and waves of tear gas, Gov. Jay Nixon said that he would meet with law enforcement and the National Guard on Tuesday “to ensure people and property will be protected” in the St. Louis suburb.

“Violence like we saw last night cannot be repeated,” he said, hours after he announced that he would send additional National Guard troops to help quell the worst violence this battered community has seen since a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in August.