Mississippi Church Burned Down by Arsonist for Opposing Lockdown Order

Coronavirus hoaxers are now just openly engaging in terrorism against Christians in order to support their religious-style belief in the flu hoax.

This is an incredible milestone in the unfolding satanic order.


A Mississippi church at the center of an arson investigation is the same church currently in a battle with city leaders over a COVID-19 safer-at-home order.

First Pentecostal Church in Holly Springs was destroyed by what investigators believe is an arsonist.

Investigators found graffiti on pavement in the church parking lot that reads, “Bet you stay home now you hypokrits (sic).”

Jerry Waldrop has pastored the church for 31 years.

“We’ve tacked our brains and we have no idea,” Waldrop said. “No enemies that we know of. We don’t know anyone that we even think could be capable of doing something like this.”

We all have an enemy, Pastor: Satan himself.

And it is Satan himself that is running our government, in the form of his very own children, the Jews.

The fire comes after Waldrop filed a lawsuit in April against the City of Holly Springs. The 14-page document claims local police officers disrupted a mid-week bible study and the church’s Easter service 10 days prior.

According to the complaint, the pastor held outdoor services when possible but would hold them indoors while practicing social distancing during inclement weather.

The complaint also asked for a temporary restraining order to keep the City from preventing services inside the church building.

The Mississippi governor included churches in “essential businesses,” but the local municipality of Holly Springs did not.

On Easter, First Pentecostal Church’s Sunday morning service was shut down by the brutal police, and Pastor Waldrop led the people to Walmart, because that was open.

The misspelling of the word “hypocrite” implies that the arson was done by a black person.

However, given that everyone who sees that is going to assume it was a black person, as the low literacy rate among blacks is a known thing, it is possible that whoever did it was trying to throw people off the scent by making it look as though it had been done by a black.

Church burnings in Mississippi are not an uncommon act of political terrorism.

Last year, a black man burned a black church and spray painted the words “vote Trump” as a false flag attack, wanting people to believe it had been burned by a white racist.

Earlier this year, a satanic white person in a metal band burned several churches in order to “raise his black metal profile.”

A pro-lockdown church burning shouldn’t be surprising and was in fact predictable. The media manufactures zealots with their hysterical doom-mongering. It is a kind of religion that they are building around this flu, where you just have to believe, without any evidence, that the coronavirus is very dangerous. They are framing those who are opposed to this narrative as themselves dangerous, claiming that they are opposed to SCIENCE!, when in fact the claims that they are making about this virus have no relationship to science.

Christianity has been banned in America, with the US government claiming that it is fine to go to a liquor store, but illegal to go to church. This is the first time that a Christian nation has faced these kinds of restrictions since the Bolshevik revolution in Russia over 100 years ago.

The media has been heavily focused on attacking churches that are refusing to follow the lockdown orders, and Chicago has begun fining them.

What you are looking at is the formation of a new satanic order where Christianity will be declared against the law. They have already banned the practice of the religion, so the next step will be to ban belief itself, as the Romans did 2,000 years ago. The Jews who control our government have always hated Christ, and ever since they killed him, they have been working to destroy all those who believe in him.

They will not stop until we are all dead or have renounced our faith.

This lockdown has only just begun. What you are seeing now with this lifting of the lockdown in certain areas is part of a ruse. This first phase was intended to get people comfortable with the idea of the lockdown. The virus will return in the fall, and old people and the chronically ill will die when it returns because we have prevented the building of immunity by doing this lockdown. And then you will see the true form of this thing they are bringing down on us.

The second lockdown will be at the federal level. All of these heinous and sadistic police state measures will be standardized, and people who violate the lockdown will be treated much more aggressively. All of this was planned from the beginning, before anyone ever heard of the coronavirus, and all we are doing now is watching the plan unfold.

Christians need to prepare themselves for what is coming. They need to get their hearts clear of fear, and be prepared to stand for Christ and against the children of Satan who are finally making their big move to establish their New World Order.

The devil is real and we are all going to live to see him. But so too is Jesus Christ our savior, and if we remain strong, we will see Him as well.

Christ promised us peace in our hearts, and that is a promise He will fulfill if we maintain allegiance to Him.