Misguided 18-Year-Old Creates #SignedByTrump Photo Series

Daily Stormer
December 13, 2016

The only thing that feminists deserve is a slap in the face and a prison term.

How dare you speak ill of these beautiful ladies!

Where do I even start with this.

18-Year-Old Aria Watson handed in a photo series called #SignedByTrump as her final project for her Introduction to Photography class, and it has been getting more attention than it deserves.


At this point, it’s no secret that president-elect Donald Trump has said some pretty inexcusable things about women.

There was the time he called his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during a live presidential debate, the time he fat shamed a former Miss USA, the now notorious tape recording in which he advocates grabbing women “by the p*ssy,” and near countless others (though we did, indeed, try to count).

Not to mention, several women have accused Trump of sexual assault. But even though we’ve known much of this info for a while now, a new viral photo series is helping us to see just how damaging these comments are in a whole new way.

You mean the women who have gone silent and are nowhere to be seen?

I’d really like to know when feminists are going to condemn Jigaboo Tyler The Creator for his lyrics about raping women. Or is that considered art?

How about they finally ask Madonna or Miley why they’ve reduced being a woman to that of a sex object. Or is it okay because they’ve decided as women to do that?

Would they like to spend some time talking out against Fifty Shades of Grey? Which I’m more than sure is doing more damage to young girls everywhere than Trump.

There are too many things they could be dealing with instead of wasting time on Trump who actually took responsibility for what he has said in the past.


And why do they keep leaving out the first part of his ‘grab em by the pussy’ quote? He clearly said:

When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

He is talking in the context of women throwing themselves at rich men.

Are we pretending women interested in sugar daddies aren’t a thing? Of course there are women out there who will let a man do whatever he wants to them because he’s rich. That is who Trump was JOKING about.

Is this hard to understand? A woman who doesn’t partake in that sort of activity or mindset should be completely unaffected by that comment as it does not apply to them.

So what are these GRIPPING and POWERFUL photos?


The woman he said this to even argued that in context it was innocent. They have exaggerated this greatly and make is sound like Trump is telling masses of women to drop to their knees.


Trump isn’t allowed to casually say a celebrity doesn’t look as good as they once did? Okay PC police. Lose some weight, shave your armpits, put some clothes on and maybe you can be a 10. [Editor’s Note: Probably not though, because even if she has a pretty face she’s going to have serious stretch marks when she drops the weight. -AA]


Taken completely out of context. He was not speaking about all women. He was speaking about those who like to be abused and throw themselves at rockstars. Watch this short video for what the actual context of the quote was.


In context he was talking about how much being attractive can help your interactions with others. It is no secret that women can use their appearance to get a job.


Literally a two second comment that didn’t even amount to anything.


Again. Quote it properly or put some pants on and don’t waste our time.


So men aren’t allowed to have preferences?

These feminists have to realize that if they want to be equal then they can’t cry when somebody makes a carefree comment about the female gender.


Maybe more respect will come their way if they can start respecting themselves

It’s funny that women who aren’t feminists don’t get offended by such remarks when it’s the feminists who are supposed to be strong and independent.

Society doesn’t hold the general population of women in high regard because of the fact that so many of them are worthless whores. What motive does Trump have to curb his tongue? The women he is talking about have given him a reason to talk about them that way.


The general narrative of women would instantly change to a more positive and respectful one if if the majority resembled the side of femininity, tradition, beauty and happiness.

Let’s not forget though that we are talking about individuals who get excited that CuckFeed has covered them:


She also was very quick to use her fifteen minutes of fame by directing people to her YouTube channel (which has ads enabled.)

She mentions how she’s at the age of discovering who she is (18-year-olds throughout history have been raising families, current 18-year-olds need to discover themselves until they’re about 30) and she’s still doing that but if there’s one thing she does know, it’s that she’s a feminist.