Minor Black Celebrity Releases Video of Cops Doing Israeli “Knee on Neck” Thing to Him Earlier This Year

Former “SNL” cast member Jay Pharoah has released a whiny video about an encounter he had with the cops earlier this year, and included a security cam video that shows the officers using the Israeli “knee on neck” move on him. This move appears to have been taught to American cops by the Israeli military through an Anti-Defamation League program.

Pharoah was jogging down a San Fernando Valley street when four LAPD officers pulled their guns on him and ordered him to get on the ground. Then they did the knee on the neck thing, for no reason.

He was detained because he matched the description of a black male in gray clothes. And he was running down the street. I don’t think it was inappropriate for the cops to detain him. He matched a description of someone who apparently did something very bad (the video doesn’t say what it was, though that information would presumably be possible to get ahold of).

I certainly wouldn’t take it personally if cops stopped me and then explained that an exquisitely handsome white man with a perfectly shaped skull in an Adidas track suit had recently been spotted robbing a bank. I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I would accept that these things happen and the cops were just doing their jobs. Of course, if they put their knees on my neck, I would be angry, through I still would not take it personally, as there is virtually nothing as impersonal as mistaken identity.

You can say whatever you want about it, but I don’t think cops in America should be using this Israeli neck move. This is something that the Jew military uses against Palestinians, who they view as animals, and I just can’t grasp why domestic police would be doing this. Remember – anything the cops do to blacks, they will do to you too.

Pharoah posted the video on Friday, and said the incident happened about a week before Ahmaud Arbery was killed after attacking two guys who wanted to ask him why he broke into a home under construction. (Notice that the Arbery hoax appears to have completely disappeared from the media, but apparently Pharoah apparently missed that, because he mentions it several times in the video.)

He says he told the cops to Google him. I chuckled a little bit at that, because if you Googled a picture of this guy on your phone:

Would you really be able to tell if it was the same black guy you were looking at in front of you? I mean, they really do all look alike, and that isn’t even racist. I have been in Asia and had women I didn’t know come up to me and get all angry at me over something, or ask me where I’ve been and tell me they miss me, or walked into a restaurant I’d never been to before and had the staff welcome me back. So, as you can read about in a 2011 article from The Guardian entitled “Why do people of other races all look alike?“, there are neurological mechanisms that make it easier for you to distinguish between people of your own race than people of other races.

Imagine that being published now. That’s the sort of material that makes people believe race exists.

Even knowing that, however, blacks are a unique case. Even computers can’t tell them apart, which has led to facial recognition technology being labeled “racist” given that it is so much more likely to give false positives on black people than any other race.

A US Government study showed that facial recognition technology is up to 100 times more likely to give a false positive on a black person’s face. Which means that they look up to 100 times more similar to each other than we do to each other. That is literally a scientific fact. If you were really a racist, you could talk about evolutionary refinement. Of course, I would never.

But I digress.

I don’t know how it made it through editing, but Pharoah says, straight up, “I never experienced racism in my life until this year” – in reference to the incident of mistaken identity. Which, obviously, is not racist in any way. At all.

At the end of the video, Pharoah does a decadent bit of acting, where he lays on the ground with someone’s knee on his neck and yells about how everything is racist and “I can’t breathe.”

Again, this comes just seconds after he says that the only incident of racism he ever experienced in his entire life was the mistaken identity incident in question, then it becomes “they’re killing us all.”

He says “we’re sick and we are tired of it” – but it only happened to him once in his life! And how old is this guy? That’s another thing you can’t ever tell about these people…

He’s 32. He made it 32 years without experiencing racism, then he experienced it once, now he’s sick and tired of it.

Let’s be real here – this guy is just a failed celebrity who is looking for attention.

It’s a pretty extreme example of just how ridiculous this all is.

Just like with the Antifa and their stupid village, this would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous. The reason that it is dangerous is that powerful people are backing it.