Minnesota: University Changes Scholarship Rules After Getting Called Out on Anti-Male Discrimination

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2018

Well, this is a pretty major breakthrough for men’s rights.

You see, the culture is changing. Regardless of what Trump does or doesn’t do as far as policy, he is the figurehead of a vast cultural revolution. And that matters a lot more than any specific policy.

Fox News:

The University of Minnesota announced last week that it will change the requirements for two women-only scholarships after claims of discrimination against men, The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported.

The school announced on Wednesday that it abandoned the gender requirement for the scholarships and told the paper that it is “committed to offering access and opportunity to individuals of all gender identities.”

The report pointed to Mark Perry, an alumnus who now teaches economics at the University of Michigan-Flint. His “lifelong mission,” according to the report, is to end what he sees as anti-male discrimination in higher education. he filed a Title IX complaint against the school.

Perry had written a letter to the school inquiring how it could be taxpayer-funded and offer two scholarships solely to potential students who identify as women.

“I think of it as advancing civil rights in a way that might be unconventional,” the scholar at the American Enterprise Institute told the paper. The report said that in 2016, four women walked away with a college diploma for every three men.

Yes, it’s probably much worse than that.

Modern universities are designed for women. And they are designed to run men out. However, women are utterly incompetent at virtually every single job.

Anyone who has been in a modern workplace knows that the women there are simply there. They are in the way. The men there have to create meaningless busywork for them just to keep them from causing chaos.

Everyone is aware of this.

They give them nonsense jobs that don’t even need doing, and they rarely even check if they do them. They just let them play around on social media all day long. Whatever they can do to keep them from interfering with the men who are doing the actual work.

This entire program of putting women in the workplace has been a brutal disaster, and has caused financial harm and drastic harm to productivity.

Furthermore, it has caused social harm. Basically, affirmative action requirements for women are a way to force companies into paying a type of welfare for these women. Because if companies were able to hire who they wanted, at least 95% of women in the corporate world would be out of a job.

Women are literally useless beings. They used to have the use of cleaning house and creating children, but they don’t do that anymore. They are simply obsolete.

If we start rolling back these affirmative action rules – which it seems we are going to do – they are going to be in dire straits.

And the whores will look up and shout “save us”…

I await the day they will be replaced with sexbots and artificial wombs.

Then, we can just let these whores starve.

Though that is going to take a while.