Minnesota: Explosive Device Damages Bloomington Islamic Center

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2017

Somebody is not happy with the Somali Islamic enclave that has settled in Minnesota.

Minnesota has become infested with Somalis. Many of these Somalis also practice Islam.

It looks like someone got fed up with this situation.

Star Tribune:

A blast caused by what the FBI called “a destructive device” rocked a busy Bloomington Islamic center at dawn Saturday, just as a small group of worshipers had gathered for the day’s first prayers.

No one was hurt in the explosion, which heavily damaged an imam’s office at the Dar Al Farooq Center and sent smoke wafting through the large building. Windows in the office were shattered, either by the blast or possibly by an object thrown through them.

The blast was reported at 5:05 a.m., a time when 15 to 20 people are usually gathered at the center for morning prayers, and awoke many residents of the neighborhood. Congregants and neighbors expressed relief that no one was hurt, but also reacted with shock and fear.

They reacted with shock and fear says the article.

These minority groups should be fearful. They’ve worn out their welcome. None of us want them here. They need to pack their bags and piss off back to where they came from.

While we don’t know who did this (it could have been another Somali, trying to gain sympathy, and frequently Moslem sects attack one another over minor ideological differences), it’s a bit surprising that this type of thing doesn’t happen more often. There’s a great deal of anger over the immigration policies of the past 50 years that has allowed the emergence of these third world enclaves. It is a primary reason why Donald Trump was elected President.

Do these skinny monkeys even know how to operate those gadgets they’re holding?

White Americans have grown tired of having the country their ancestors built over run by these alien groups. We’ve been told for years that we are bad people if we don’t accept living among these savages. This tactic is no longer proving to be effective.

It’s also worth noting that this event comes on the heels of a Somali cop on the Minneapolis police force shooting a White Australian woman for no particular reason. It’s possible that this was retaliation.

But what do these Somali Moslems contribute to our culture exactly? What is the benefit to having them here?

There are no logical answers to these questions. We are just told that it is sad if we don’t allow them to live in our country.

Do you know what’s sadder than that? Allowing Western civilization to collapse over such faggotry.