Minnesota: Bodycam Released – Cunt Patrol Thought Her Gun was a Taser


Actual information is down at the bottom. This article now has a bunch of updates, which are not very informational.

NOTE II: This Time, It’s Personal:

Regarding tonight’s riots:

My shift is almost over. I might watch some of the riots tonight, but I’m not going to do updates, and in fact, I’m not even going to post the stream. At some point, I have to end my shift. I had always planned to have a staff so there could be 24/7 news, but you people didn’t want to figure out how to send crypto, so the staff had to be significantly laid off. (Please send crypto.) We have skeleton staff now, but none has permission to post while I’m not online, because someone with that level of responsibility has to be paid more than existing staff.

If you want to watch tonight’s riots live, Antifa has a YouTube channel that usually has good streams (credit where credit due, the FBI is finally doing something useful to society). I imagine that will be the main stream tonight. If that one doesn’t work, gets banned, or sucks, I’m sure you can find threads at Gamer Uprising that will have streams linked.

UPDATE VII: Girls Gone Wild (Police Edition)

We’ve got the bodycam now, folks.

(Actually, we had it an hour ago, but I had missed the beginning of the press conference and just now went back and watched it, so some of my updates below might seem out of chronological order. Again, I am highly understaffed, I hate to write the entire rest of the site today while also trying to follow these developments.)

Here it is:

Here’s a longer video inside the context of the press conference.

Here’s what happens:

  • The video opens with a cop on either side of the car, with Good Boy Doo-Auntay at the driver’s side, in the process of being cuffed.
  • The video is the bodycam of a third officer, who is the female MURDERER (name not revealed, but often called “Cunt Patrol”)
  • The bitch walks up and interrupts the officer in the process of cuffing the Good Boy to act like she’s doing something important (searching him for a weapon even though the male cop already did that)
  • She could have waited 3-4 seconds if she really thought a second check was necessary, but she did not
  • When the bitch interrupted, Good Boy saw a chance at escape
  • He jumped into the driver’s seat and tried to gain control of the vehicle
  • Cunt Patrol pulled her gun and yelled “I’ll tase you” and shot Good Boy
  • She yelled “taser taser taser – holy shit. I think I shot him”
  • The car lunges forward

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Why on earth would she go up and interrupt the male officer in the middle of handcuffing a known violent criminal?

This perfectly illustrates how horrible women are. They always want to get involved in men’s business, and will often do so under the guise of “helping.”

I remember one time I was helping someone move, and we were two men carrying a relatively heavy glass and steel table. I had to adjust my grip, as you do when carrying heavy things, and while I was doing that, the woman ran up and pushed the table. I maintained my grip, but it was just like “what the hell are you doing? This could easily break, why would you do that?”

I don’t know why women do this, but they do it constantly. I think they like the feeling of a man saying “what the hell are you doing?” and then replying “oh my God, I was just trying to help! Why are you yelling at me???”

But wow, just wow.

This is funny.

As far as accidentally pulling the gun instead of the taser – I mean, of course a woman is going to do that. Even after she interrupted the officer cuffing him and let the good boy wiggle away, if she would have just stopped there, the black male officer could have dealt with it.

I have no idea what this video will mean to the rioters. The cops must have thought it was good for them, to release it this quickly.

Probably, in general, mobs of angry people are less likely to get upset about a woman, just because women always get a pass on everything.

There is no doubt that she caused his death unnecessarily, however. No one can even make that argument. If she wouldn’t have interrupted the cuffing process, everything would have went fine. Then she had no reason to even tase him, frankly – that black cop could have just pulled him back out of the car. The black officer is a big dark black and the skinny mulatto boy wouldn’t have been able to overpower him if that bitch would have just backed away.

This is so funny though.

I’m happy it’s funny.

It’s our only comfort.

UPDATE VI: The Good Boy Strikes Back: 

Here’s a video of the known good boy Doo-Auntay smoking weed and drinking Hennessy, dancing around with a gun.

We also have some new photos of bai.

This is the image of a standard good boy. It’s like they have a good boy factory where they pump out these good boys. They are all so similar! You can’t even tell them apart!

They said the good boy didn’t have a gun when he was resisting arrest and got shot by the Cunt Patrol. Maybe he doesn’t have that gun anymore, because he lost it in the incident reported on below (the one for which he had an outstanding warrant, which is why Top Cunt was trying to arrest him in the first place).

There is a time when the pics and video above would make anyone looking at this situation say: “well, I mean – what are you gonna do?”

But that time is past.

Now, openly violent criminals can be victims of the police, and everyone thinks that’s normal.

If he did have a gun when he was arrested, I think the police chief would have choked back the tears to say that during his gay, faggy press conference. What happened was this:

  • Cunt Patrol was told over the radio that Good Boy has a warrant for a weapons charge
  • Cunt Patrol tried to arrest Good Boy
  • Good Boy did not respect the Power of the Cunt and tried to get back in his car and leave
  • Cunt Patrol freaked and shot him

I don’t know this, but I would say that there is a very good chance the bodycam video of the shooting is going to look pretty bad. Female cops are the stupidest concept ever, and there is a 100% chance that this bitch freaked when she found out he had a warrant for weapons.

He definitely made a wrong move when he got back in the car, but unless he really attacks her on video, this is going to end up being worse than George Floyd.

Then again, maybe not, because it is a woman, and brave women with uteruses are very special people in America.

UPDATE V: Return of the Planet of the Update:  

It’s so bizarre to subject an adult man to systematic verbal abuse by primitive savages. I understand why he cried, I guess. But it would have been much more epic to just say the n-word, and the blacks would have had more respect.

The press conference is over now. I do recommend anyone interested in this sort of stuff watch it because it’s insane.

I’m gonna go ahead and bet the cop is a standard stupid white bitch who thinks she’s a big man. If it was a black bitch they would have said.

Everyone sort of instinctively knows that a woman with a gun is dangerous, no? If Doo-Auntey would have been thinking with the white half of his brain, he would have known to be careful with that bitch. It could literally end up being that this bitch shot him for no reason. I mean, they’re saying he got back in the car after he was supposed to get out of it, so that’s going to scare her. Maybe he did reach for something, but there wasn’t a gun or they would have said that by now (I’m pretty well certain the police chief would have said it at this press conference).

I don’t think “he looked like he was reaching for something that could have been a gun” is going to cut it.

But walk with me for a second here: imagine that this is happening in Minneapolis, right before summer, a year after George Floyd, while the Floyd trial is happening. What are the odds of that?

I’m not going to say anything about crisis actors or whatever. But I mean – that is a strange coincidence, no?

Without crisis actors, are there ways they could have created the circumstances for this? There are things you could do. Such as instructing female officers to go around black areas running people’s plates and pulling them over.

Part of what has happened is that the blacks now actually believe that cops are trying to kill them, because the media has drilled this into their heads for years on end. Thus, they freak out when they get pulled over. So it’s actually very easy to create the circumstances for a police shooting, simply by instructing officers to pull over random blacks.

Some huge portion of the blacks are driving with warrants or with the wrong plates or wrong stickers or no insurance or whatever. Blacks can’t really manage keeping a car legal.

We’re looking at a very hot summer coming up here, folks. Some people predicted that the Biden Administration wouldn’t let the blacks riot, that this was all some operation specifically targeted at Trump. Funnily enough, they are the same people who predicted that the virus swindle would end if Biden was elected.


None of this is ever going to end.


Right now the blacks are complaining that the lights were turned off during the riots last night and the chief is saying that he turned the lights off because people were throwing frozen cans at cops and the lights were making them easy targets.

Some bitch just said “speak to us for real” and the chief started crying like a girl.

They’re still complaining about the lights and he’s saying they were all throwing bricks and frozen cans and he’s not going to apologize. He is going to cry like a faggot tho.

The blacks just said they don’t understand what a peaceful protest is and he said “don’t throw bricks and frozen cans.”

He should just drop an n-bomb. That would be so epic right now. Much more epic than crying. Jeez.


Female cop!

The police and the mayor are doing a press conference. I’m watching right now, it’s still live at time of writing, and the police chief just walked out because the blacks were abusing him.

Now the blacks are abusing the black mayor of Brooklyn Center (the Minneapolis suburb where the good boy was shot).

Oh wait, now the police chief is back.

He’s trying to talk and the blacks keep interrupting him. I don’t know if these are black journalists or just random blacks from the street. You can’t see them in the Fox News stream.

The questioners act like they’re about to start a riot. You should watch some of this stream, it’s surreal. This is total Africanization.

They haven’t identified the officer yet. But they have said it’s a female. They are saying “very senior officer.” They will release her name soon.

Now that I know it’s a woman – there’s a good chance the bodycam will not clear her of anything, and it will be that she just shot the good boy because she freaked out.

Having female cops is such an insane concept. It is at least as insane as this press conference with all these blacks abusing the white cop and black mayor.


Here’s all the information about this good boy’s warrant.

It’s shocking that such a good boy would have committed crimes. But he is nonetheless obviously innocent of any crimes, and didn’t deserve to be brutally murdered.

He was just a child.


First, the events of yesterday set to music:

It’s a good 3 minute clip that will catch you up to speed.

Second, here are the parents:

“He a good boy he dindu nuffin” is already falling apart.

The good boy Daunte had an outstanding warrant. A lot of information is floating around, and of course the media won’t say anything against such a good boy, but the warrant appears to have been for weapons possession and fleeing an officer.

Here’s the statement the police issued about the shooting:

So he was in the car. Probably, the bodycam will show him reaching for something before the officer shot.

The thing is, as we’ve already seen, the blacks don’t care what the facts are. They generally used to, or used to understand that there were certain rules, but they’ve been so riled up by the media and the government over the last years that they definitely don’t care anymore.

Also, his Facebook page was allegedly archived. There’s a lot of stuff on there that doesn’t look like very good boy stuff.

Original article follows.

As you might imagine, I’ve seen some good boys in my day, but Duante Wright might well be the goodest good boy that I’ve yet laid eyes upon. What if he was your son? Would you want him to die because of the color of his skin?

We got another dead good boy in Minnesota, and the word is, he didn’t do nothing.

There’s not full information, because there is never full information.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

A Brooklyn Center police officer fatally shot a man during a traffic stop Sunday afternoon, inflaming already raw tensions between police and community members in the midst of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Relatives of Daunte Wright, 20, who is Black, told a tense crowd gathered at the scene in the northern Minneapolis suburb Sunday afternoon that Wright drove for a short distance after he was shot, crashed his car, and died at the scene.

Protesters later walked to the Brooklyn Center police headquarters near N. 67th Avenue and N. Humboldt Avenue and were locked in a standoff with police in riot gear late Sunday night. Officers repeatedly ordered the crowd of about 500 to disperse as protesters chanted Wright’s name and climbed atop the police headquarters sign, by then covered in graffiti. Police used tear gas, flash bangs and rubber bullets on the crowd.

National Guard troops arrived just before midnight as looters targeted the Brooklyn Center Walmart and nearby shopping mall. Several businesses around the Walmart were completely destroyed, including Foot Locker, T Mobile, and a New York men’s clothing store.

Looting was widespread late Sunday into early Monday, spilling into north and south Minneapolis. Reports said that stores in Uptown and along Lake Street were also being looted.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott issued a curfew order until 6 a.m. Monday. Precautions were being taken into Monday, with Brooklyn Center canceling or closing all school buildings, programs and activities.

Sunday’s fresh outrage came as Twin Cities officials and law enforcement are already on edge as Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, stands trial on murder and manslaughter charges in the death of George Floyd.

It’s hot, hot, hot out this bitch.

Antifa posted this stream of the immediate confrontation between the cops and the blacks and their Antifa race allies.

You can just flip through that… it’s quite a scene.

I haven’t watched the whole thing, but just in the first 30 seconds, you see cops standing by as the blacks smash up one of their shiny new trucks with a concrete block.

This is the official story, as reported by the top of Twitter:

So, it went something like this:

  • A young mulatto boy was pulled over for a minor traffic violation.
  • He called his white mama to be tell she that his insurance is expired, and police be axin him.
  • The cop then opened fire, screaming “DIE, NIGGER, DIE – I HATE YOUR SKIN COLOR AND NOW IT’S TIME TO DIE! AHAHAHAHAHA!”

What I think you don’t know is that many black people believe this is real.

Last year, many white people believed it was real, but those numbers are much lower now.

No one is really sure how serious Tariq Nasheed is on these issues, but here’s his account.

According to Wright’s mother, who spoke to CBS Local, it was a little bit more complicated than that:

The victim’s mother, Katie Wright, spoke to the crowd. She said her son — 20-year-old Daunte Wright — had been killed by police. She said Wright’s girlfriend was in the car with him at the time of the traffic stop. Police say that woman suffered non-life threatening injuries in the crash, and was taken to North Memorial Health.

Wright’s mother said her son called her to say, “Mom, I’m getting pulled over,” and, “They’re asking about insurance.” She said she then heard officers telling him to get out of the car. When he asked why, officers told him they would explain once he got out of the vehicle. She said officers then told him to put his phone down, and then she heard someone telling her son not to run. She then said an officer ended his call.

She said soon after, her son’s girlfriend called her to say he had been shot. Wright’s mother said she went to the scene, and saw him “lifeless” by his car, which she had given to him just two weeks earlier.

So, there was some running involved, and one has to imagine, there was either a gun pulled or the threat of a gun being pulled.

But wow – the timing sure is neat.

Having this happen in Minnesota, as the Derek Chauvin trial is happening.

I wonder how rioters on the streets are going to affect jury decisions?

A reader took this view on the emerging riot movement: “We need massive chimpouts. The overlords cant focus on forcing the jab if the planet of the apes are literally burning america down.”

Frankly, I am also having a hard time seeing a downside to ultra black riots.

Except for all the people that will die.

But I’m sure all my own readers have already followed my advice and moved out of the big cities anyway.

Here’s some looting:

None of this would be happening if whites would just accept that blacks are exactly the same as us and the only difference is the color of their skin.