Minneapolis: Racist Cops Murder Innocent Black Man Who Did Nothing But Open Fire on Them

Can you imagine being a black mother, and not knowing if your son is going to come home tonight, because due to the color of his skin, he might be murdered by racist cops simply for getting in a shootout with the cops?

Thankfully, white women are able to imagine that, and they are willing to go out in the streets in the snow to protest the racist cops that will kill a black man out of hatred for the color of his skin simply because the black opened fire on them.

We need to build a new world, where black people can open fire on the police without fearing they’ll be murdered because of the color of their skin.


A large crowd has gathered in Minneapolis near the scene of a traffic stop that ended in a deadly shootout, marking the first police-involved killing since the death of George Floyd.

Police shot and killed a man in an exchange of gunfire, after pulling his vehicle over on Wednesday night, the city’s police force said. The individual was pronounced dead by medical personnel who came to his aid. A female passenger in the car was not injured, and no officers involved in the incident were wounded, a spokesperson for the Minneapolis police department said.

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said during a press conference that officers were making a traffic stop involving a man who was suspected of being involved in a felony case when the individual opened fire on police. The officers then returned fire, killing the man, Arradondo claimed. He promised to release body camera video documenting the alleged shootout on Thursday.

The incident rekindled anti-police sentiment in the city, with several hundred people assembling at the scene about an hour after the shooting. 

The crowd shouted obscenities at police as they blocked the street. One video purportedly taken at the site shows a group of angry residents chasing away a police cruiser. 

Police in riot gear were later dispatched to the area. According to reports, officers complained that protesters were throwing “ice balls” at them.

A journalist on the ground said that the situation had become “extremely volatile and uneasy.”

This has to change.

We have to pass laws that say that if a black man opens fire on the cops using a gun, the cops aren’t allowed to return fire, and just have to stand there and die.

There is no excuse for these racist police to keep murdering these innocent blacks out of hatred for their skin tone.