Minneapolis: 9-Year-Old Mulatto Shot While Jumping on Trampoline

Imagine that bullets are flying everywhere in Minnesota to the point where children are randomly hit while jumping on a trampoline.

Understand: this is not a targeted hit on a 9-year-old. It is simply the cultural tradition of the blacks to pull out a handgun and start squeezing the trigger until no more bullets come out, and then drive away.


A 9-year-old girl has died nearly two weeks after she was shot while jumping on a trampoline in Brooklyn Center, according to Minneapolis Police.

A report from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner said Trinity Rayne Ottoson-Smith died Thursday afternoon at the hospital from a gunshot wound to the head.

The manner of death was determined to be homicide, according to the report.

Trinity was shot on May 15 while jumping on a trampoline with other children, according to a press release issued at the time.

A person shot from a vehicle that was driving in an alley toward the house where the children were playing and then fled the scene, according to the preliminary information provided in the release.

“She did not deserve this,” Nicole Ottoson, Trinity’s mother, said on a GoFundMe created to to support Trinity.

Obviously, the murder rate is exploding because of the defund the police movement. Every other violent crime is also exploding, as well as non-violent crime such as theft.

I don’t think this is a long term agenda. Eventually people are going to say “okay, this is just crazy allowing these blacks to shoot everyone.”

Most whites no longer believe that George Floyd was “murdered” and I don’t think the Derek Chauvin monkey trial did much to reassure them. So what this eternal violence is going to lead to is resentment towards blacks and a demand for a strong police presence.

Oh, but then all of a sudden: there is an excuse for a federal police force and/or martial law.

These militarized cops are going to be masked up and ready to do anything to you – including forced vaxx or arresting you in a pre-dawn raid and dragging you off to a camp for “hate speech.”

You see how this works?

They create a problem, wait for the reaction of the people, then offer the solution – which happens to be the thing that was their goal all along.