Minneapolis: 12 People Shot, 1 Dead – It’s Time to Abolish the Cops So Blacks Will Stop Committing Violent Crime

You know what would prevent this kind of thing? Abolishing the cops.

Minneapolis needs to get on that. Otherwise, these shootings are just going to keep happening.


A shooting has left one person dead and several wounded in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The city has seen rioting and looting following the death of George Floyd.

Shots were fired in Uptown, the city’s shopping district. One man was killed, and 11 people sustained non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, police said.

Daily Caller reporter Kyle Hotten posted a video from the crime scene, showing police officers and locals working to save the victims. He also posted a clip showing blood splattered on the pavement.

It is not clear how many people were involved in the shooting and how it started. Reports on social media said that a massive fight took place at that spot, with “various weapons” being used.

Black lives are so very special.

But the cops don’t acknowledge that specialness, and that leads to blacks shooting each other.

Enough is enough.

Abolish the police already.