Minister Says Brits Won’t be Able to Travel Until Deadly Booster Vaxx

Military soldier prepares genetic shot for a Nasty Nancy

Restrictions are lightening up in the United States, due to the fact that Florida’s Ron DeSantis has shown the Lord Emperor Fauci to be totally nude.

Anthony Fauci and the CDC predicted a complete apocalypse in Florida if they didn’t follow the insane mandates for masks and vaccines put forward by the federal bureaucracy, but then literally nothing happened. No one died. This is because the virus is a total hoax.

Looking at Florida, the rest of the Red State governors were forced to repeal their own lunatic measures, and now most of the United States is largely open.

However, on the other side of the pond, things just keep getting dumber. The British government is using the unlikely threat of the (fake) “Indian variant,” now called the “Delta variant,” to clamp down on all freedoms.

Now, the government is already hinting at a new round of deadly injections – as a requisite to leave the country!

The Sun:

Brits won’t be able to go on foreign holidays until after Covid booster jabs have been rolled out in the Autumn, a Cabinet minister suggested today.

Environment secretary George Eustice said the PM is taking a “cautious” approach to travel because of fears over new variants.

He was challenged on why we won’t let in double-jabbed visitors without quarantine when the likes of France, Germany, and Spain say they will.

And he denied suggestions the Government is acting in an “anti-vax” manner by failing to put enough faith in the effectiveness of the jab.

Mr Eustice told TalkRadio: “The greatest concern is in other countries you may get a variant of concern that emerges.

In many of these countries they don’t have quite the same capacity we do here to do the genome sequencing to be able to identify all these variants.

If you had a variant that was able to get around the vaccine and then we had that back here, that would undo all the good work we’ve done.

That’s why we’re taking a cautious approach.”

He was asked whether that stance effectively means a permanent end to international travel because there will always be the threat of new variants.

The senior minister suggested reopening borders will be dependent on booster jabs, replying: “No, of course it’s not the end of international travel.

“We’re actually doing a lot of work looking at the issue, for instance, of booster jabs just as you have updates of the flu jab.”

When it was put to him that new variants could also evade the booster jab, he said: “That’s why you would have potentially the need for an annual jab.”


Become the machine, goy!

That is the plan as it stands now.

That will soon become bi-annual, then monthly, then weekly. Then eventually, you’ll just have to get new injections every day in order to leave your house.

Americans need to understand: the jig is not up.

This jig is going to keep on dancing.

We might feel like we have more freedoms than usual – even though we are still subjected to all kinds of dehumanizing and illegal regulations – but much of the rest of the Western world is still totally locked up.

They are planting the seeds with this “Delta variant” gibberish. Lord Fauci is pushing it, the feeble moron “Vaxxy Joe” is pushing it.

They are preparing you for a “new wave” in the fall.

As long as they keep doing this hoax in the UK and Europe, the hoax still hangs over America as well.

No one in power has given up on the vaxx passport.

This all worked too well.

People surrendered too much freedom, surrendered too much money. It cannot ever end.