Mining the Kyle Rittenhouse Salt Mines: “The Moment American Fascism Turned Into Nazism Proper”

I was going to do a series of Kyle Rittenhouse memes today, but I’ve decided to give the meme army some extra time to get those in, and instead do the collection of big salty tweets from the media zombies who believe in the Great Rittenhouse Hoax.

Please note that this is a companion to the previous articles today, wherein I documented and commented on the fact that liberals literally have no idea what this case was about:

These people think that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist terrorist who showed up at a peaceful protest with an assault rifle and opened fire on a crowd, killing three blacks, and then the judge let him off because he is a white supremacist Trump supporter. The jury were all also white supremacists, and think black lives don’t matter. They hate the color of the skin of the blacks that Kyle murdered.

That’s not an exaggeration. It is literally exactly what they believe.

(Please note: some of these people are Jews or other agitators who are lying on purpose to incite the confused morons. There’s not really any way to tell which is which. It’s all part of the same phenomenon.)

Here is a notable tweet by a threat actor who knows he’s lying.

That is DNC operative Hasan Piker calling for jurors to be doxed and presumably assassinated.

This is just normal now.

I’m banned for making jokes, and he’s promoted by all social media while actively seeking to kill jurors.

This is normal America now.

These people are going nuts.

We cannot possibly live in a society where such a large portion of the population simply has no concern at all for what is happening in real life, and instead just considers whatever the media says to be reality. With the coronavirus hoax, we have seen that this is simply not a viable way to run a civilization.

It is going to collapse.

Just look at this.

Thanks to the Gamer Uprising, in particular Paul, for mining all of this salt.