MILO Says That Lauren Southern Had Sex with Paul Joseph Watson and Bokram

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2019

MILO appeared on the Groypcast with the hosts of the Daily Groyper this week, and dropped some gossip on Lauren Southern. He was looking much better than he looked on the show with Nick Fuentes, and seemed more normal.

He said that Lauren Southern was having sex with literally everyone she met.

“When she fucked Paul Joseph Watson, she left behind a bracelet that said 1488 on it, in his house,” he said. “She obviously as a woman inherits the politics of whoever’s dick she sucked last.”

“Lauren Southern was well-known in the movement for having sex with anyone who would do it,” he continued.

“I first met her in 2015, and two days later she was fucking my assistant, who is now Allum Bokhari, who is a tech reporter at Breitbart. She broke the poor guy’s heart. I’ve got hours of audio of him crying over her.”

Allum Bokhari, often referred to as “Bokram” by people who can’t remember his weird name, is quite a catch.

But I don’t know if this is true. As I understand it, Paul Joseph Watson is a homosexual. I thought that he was relatively open about this. Everyone knows the famous “Prague’s vibrant gay scene” tweet.

But he also regularly posts pictures of himself with homosexual men he is dating.

Watson did used to claim he had a Chinese wife, but there was never any evidence of this claim. Not one single picture of her. Then he posted that Prague tweet, which appeared to be testing the waters on “coming out as a gay conservative.” He’s never directly stated that he’s gay, but he made that post in 2016, then proceeded to post all of these other pictures of himself with homosexual men over the years since. I have never heard anyone accuse him of having sex with women.

MILO recently called me a fed, and said that I collect people’s IP addresses on the comments board. In actual fact, the comments board is only on Tor, so it would literally be impossible to collect people’s IP addresses. And I mean – come on. Most censored man in history, I am. And I mean, surely MILO isn’t so completely out of touch as to believe I’m actually a “neo-Nazi.” Surely, he gets that this is an edgy humor website for teenagers.

So basically, he was just saying this to be nasty. And that could be what he’s doing to Lauren here.

No one doubts that she’s a complete whore – but Bokram?

That probably would have been his first time having sex in his life, no?

A full 27% of men in America report having never had sex (Bokram is “British,” but the cultural trends across our two countries are usually similar).

That’s self-reported, of course, and I’m sure a lot of people lied. But even if it is exactly correct, surely Bokram is in the bottom 27% on the sex appeal scale.

And at the time MILO is alleging this happened, he wasn’t even a Breitbart editor, he was just MILO’s assistant.

And Watson, who again, is a homosexual?

Southern had a crisis back in 2017 when it was revealed that she had dated a black guy. Information which she for some reason volunteered.

I actually remember at the time boomer white knights saying “just because she dated him doesn’t mean they had sex.”

Again: clearly, she is a total whore.

But these claims by MILO seem very fishy.

The reason MILO was attacking me, I would assume, is that he is angry that I survived censorship and still have a relatively large audience. And basically, Lauren Southern did the same. She was able to skirt around censorship, and continue to be a popular figure, until she resigned from public life, which she appears to have done because MILO attacked her, alleging that she was involved in a conspiracy to defraud Tommy Robinson with two homosexuals. (Here’s an archive link to that – it’s no longer online anywhere else because he sold his website,

Was MILO Destroyed for Lying About Being Jewish?

As the regular reader knows, I’ve never had a terrible opinion of MILO. Well, I did at first. But he grew on me, so I was happy to see him not looking as bad as he did on the show with Nick.

As a rule, I have zero tolerance for homosexuals. But he’s the best of them. He is one of the only ones I’m even aware of who will say that homosexuality is most likely a result of child sexual abuse.

I was legit offended when he said I’m a fed.

And I believe that his crucifixion in the media over that pederasty hoax was one of the most extreme hitjobs ever.

For those who don’t recall: MILO was scheduled to speak at CPAC in 2017, and a few days before the event, someone posted a clip of him saying that homosexual teenagers often get involved with older homosexual men in their thirties. This is simply a fact and everyone knows it. All he did was say it. And he wasn’t denounced for being anti-gay – he was denounced for allegedly “promoting pedophilia”! All he did was describe his own experiences as a teenage boy having “sex” with older men, and said that though such relationships should be illegal, they can be consensual.

And get this: the clip had been online, just right there sitting on YouTube, for over a year. And the group that “leaked” it claimed to have “discovered” it.

MILO was dropped from CPAC and forced to resign from Breitbart, his book, “Dangerous,” which had just been released and was climbing the New York Times best-seller list, was literally pulled off of shelves, his college tours were canceled and basically his entire life was over.

Moreover: the day before it happened, someone posted on /pol/ that it was going to happen, describing it all in detail.

FYI the MSM has a huge fucking media onslaught that is set to go live Monday to scorch earth Milo and destroy him via the pedophile label.

I’m part of a mailing list (not giving my name for the sake of protecting my ass from retaliation) but they have been sitting on the story for a while, because they thought Milo was small fry and wanted to wait until he got big enough a thread to go nuclear on.

The journalists are pissed the fuck off Maher put him on the air and more so, pissed off that his book deal had not been revoked (and some are pissed that Milo got a book deal from the same publisher who dropped Zoe Quinn’s book, along with a larger signing bonus than most of the publisher’s social justice authors).

There are also those who want to hurt him simply as a proxy to hurt Steve Bannon/Breitbart, since their attempts to attack Bannon have largely failed. Not to mention people on the left being pissed off that most people sided with Milo over the rioters. Rioters that were paid for by Soros through a variety of fronts and laundered through companies that can’t be traced back to him.

Expect a steady drumbeat of “Milo is a pedophile” and “Milo must be dropped from CPAC”. The later is especially important, in terms of the divide and conquer long game the press is playing: the press wants a civil war with the McCain/Graham wing of the GOP and the Trump/Ryan wing so as to weaken the Republicans in 2018. The overall plan is to make the Republicans fear social shaming from the media and the left more than they already do their actual constituents who love Trump, in hopes of regaining the House and enough Senate seats to pull off an impeachment of Trump.

Obviously, this person was on a mailing list. That’s the only way he could have said exactly what happened before it happened. But the claims of the cause of the thing are his own insights. Basically, MILO wasn’t any different than any other Republican. There was no reason he couldn’t have just been given a show on Fox News.

I mean, maybe they specifically didn’t like him because he was good at promoting Trump. But he was also normalizing homosexuality in the Republican Party, which you would think would be viewed as a net gain.

I think they did it because they found out he was faking being part Jewish. Otherwise, there just really wasn’t any reason to go so hard and destroy this guy. He would have went along with the narrative. Even since he’s been completely destroyed, he’s gone along with the narrative. I just heard him the other day talking about “the six million.” You don’t ever hear anyone on the internet say that anymore. Even if they don’t openly deny it, they don’t bring it up. It’s too embarrassing. Because every goy under the age of 30 who isn’t completely out of the loop knows.

(I heard Ashley Rae Goldenberg, a right-wing Jew, on The Ralph Retort this week and she said that she thinks the numbers are up for debate. She’s not even a self-hater, she’s a religious Chabad Jew. But it’s just that at this point, everyone who is at all in touch with internet culture is aware that saying “exactly six million” marks you as completely and totally out of touch.)

MILO’s claim is that his Irish maternal grandfather married a German-Jewish woman, who then converted to Catholicism, and that his mother was raised Catholic. He’s never offered any evidence for the claim. And it seems rather unlikely. He’s 34, so his grandparents would have gotten together in the 1940s or 1950s. And an Irishman marrying a German Jew and converting her to Catholicism in that era, in Britain, would be quite a thing.

I have no evidence for any of this, by the way, I am simply speculating.

But what I think happened is this:

MILO was involved in media in the UK, before he was famous. He is part Greek, and Greeks have a significant genetic overlap with the Jews, which results in some similar features: dark hair and big noses, primarily. (Nothing against my Greek bros here – I’m not saying they’re Jewish or Jew-like or anything else, just pointing out the genetic fact of the matter.) He was probably regularly asked if he was Jewish, because he’s a swarthy guy in the media. And he probably quickly realized that if you’re Jewish you have a lot of opportunities that you don’t have if you’re not Jewish.

When he doesn’t dye his hair, he looks Greek. That is to say, he looks a bit Jewish.

So he started claiming to have a Jewish maternal grandmother, which according to Jewish religious custom, would mean he is Jewish.

Then, someone figured it out, and looked into his background, and found that he was lying. And that was why he was destroyed.

That is how I believe this all went down. It is really the simplest explanation.

MILO is funny, and I do hope he finds a way to do something other than go on podcasts and gossip about 2016 e-celeb drama. When he was on The Ralph Retort, Dick Masterson called in and expressed a desire to work with him. If he were reading this – and he obviously is, because everyone reads this site, and MILO is too narcissistic to not read everything about himself on the internet – I would advise him to consider working with Dick instead of Gavin McInnes, who he is currently working with.

Dick is both competent and talented, whereas Gavin McInnes is a kind of black hole figure, an aged drunk barely hanging on.

I am not totally without sympathy for Gavin either – because no one deserved this censorship that they’ve done to all of us – but he’s a broken man who is probably not going to live much longer.